Is anyone bored with the lack of productivity in their lives right now? ‘Cause I am! It seems like I never get anything done.

Today I woke up with my alarm at 8:30am, fed the babies, and started my day.

20120313-NOW 001

I made a simple breakfast of TJ’s Non-fat Greek yogurt, Kashi Golean Crunch, white chia seeds, blood orange fruit spread, banana, dried cherries, and a sprinkle of sugar, chocolate, and coffee. Um, what was that last part?

20120313-NOW 003

This super nifty new find I got at Trader Joe’s yesterday! It’s a Sugar, Chocolate, and Coffee Bean Grinder! Neat right? Unfortunately with all the other big flavors going on in this bowl I couldn’t really taste it but I’m sure it’ll absolutely rock in some oatmeal!

I then decided I could use a half hour more of sleep. Surely you can already guess that this is where my day fell into trouble. And I blame Chase entirely! When my alarm went off 30 minutes later I was all set to get out of bed, but Chase convinced me for “just 30 minutes more please” and it just kept going from there. Eventually we got up after noon. >.<

The odd thing was that after taking that long of a “nap” I normally feel super crummy. Today, however, I felt great! Energized and ready to take on anything! I quickly got on my workout clothes and hit the gym for a 35 minute Hill bike workout! It felt great and I got a good sweat. 

20120313-NOW 004

When I got back, showered, and dressed, it was around 2pm and my body was seriously hungry for lunch. So hungry in fact, I had to eat a small bowl of Kashi Golean Crunch with milk just to stop shaking and make myself able to cook. I just couldn’t focus at all.

20120313-NOW 005

I ended up having 1 egg, scrambled with cheddar cheese, steamed spinach and cherry tomatoes. Served with avocado and my last leftover fajita tortilla. It was delicious!

20120313-NOW 006

My mum and her boyfriend Dave are coming to visit this upcoming weekend, so we’re trying to get the house in order. First priority: the kittens! Today they received a long overdue bath. They always look freaking adorable all soggy (they are normally giant puff balls) so I really tried to get a good photo. They didn’t think it was so funny though so they refused to cooperate. They both smell really good now and are super soft!

After the bathtub struggle, I munched on a baggie of Peanut Butter Cups Trax Mix. Yeah today was supposed to be a nut-free day, but this craving wouldn’t go away. I am just glad I stuck to my one-a-day goal.

Later, when the sun finally peaked out for a wee little bit, I convinced Chase to go on a walk with me to QFC to get some cleaning supplies. It ended up being pretty chilly and windy but luckily this Montanan owns a nice down jacket! It was nice to get some fresh air though.

20120313-NOW 011

Around 8pm I was very hungry for dinner. Fortunately I had leftover whole wheat spaghetti and vegetarian sauce all ready to go! Exact same meal as yesterday? Yep! Down to the same glass of wine. ^.~ This is why I love veggie filled spaghetti sauces so much. Easy to make, tons of leftovers, and filled with nutrients!

20120313-NOW 012

I had big plans for making a healthy “Shamrock Shake” tonight for dessert, but I sadly found I didn’t have mint extract but peppermint. >.< I was extremely bummed because it sounded absolutely heavenly.

Instead I ended up devouring two bowls of this Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch cereal I picked up earlier today. It is sooooo delicious, I was pouring more in my milk before I even knew it. Cereal can be so addicting.

So as far as productivity is concerned…Kittens are clean and cleaning supplies are in hand! Hopefully tomorrow the real work will begin.


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