Remain Calm.

Wow. Today really sailed by and I hardly did anything! It started with being rudely awakened by Ms. Ophie before 8am. She demanded breakfast! So I fed her and then fed myself.

20120308-NOW 002

Pumpkin pie oatmeal with steel-cut oats and made with chai pumpkin spice tea in place of plain water. It made the room smell heavenly but I didn’t really notice a difference in taste since the oats still needed more spice. I topped it with almond butter, craisins, and a few white chocolate chips.

I then hit the gym for a solid 35 minutes of stationary biking. I really like my workout schedule since it makes the week fly by!

20120308-NOW 004

My workout left me extremely hungry!! I could barely wait until noon to heat up the last of the minestrone soup and serve up a few finger foods of Social Snackers, cheddar cheese, Granny Smith apple, and White Chocolate Wonderful PB! It was a delicious snacky lunch!

20120308-NOW 007

Around 3pm Chase and I had a bit of afternoon tea. ^_^ Mug of green tea for him and a mug of French vanilla black tea for me. Plus we split a Costco Almond Poppyseed muffin. I think I’ve been doing very good avoiding these things! Our freezer is packed with them since Chase eats them for breakfast.

20120308-NOW 008

Dinner tonight was more brown rice (since it’s National Nutrition Month, I’m sticking to the whole grain variety) and teriyaki veggies with a Morningstar Farms Chicken patty crumbled in. I am in love with this new teriyaki sauce. We’re trying out Kikkoman’s Takumi Collection and it is outstanding!

20120308-NOW 010

A few hours later I had dessert of a 1/2 cup Vanana yogurt with 1/2 cup Kashi Golean Crunch. I’m really freaking out and stress-eating due to getting a call around 5pm asking me to work all day tomorrow for a “working” interview. So tomorrow morning I have to get up early and drive to Bellevue (not the actual location I’d be working at) and be there all day so they can decide if they want to hire me or not!! Stress!! Regarding the circumstances I consider my dessert a pretty good choice!

I’m trying to remain calm…Wish me luck tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Remain Calm.

  1. You can do it girlllll! Wishing you a wonderful day! I know you will do great at your working interview.. Cant wait to hear how it went. Take care. Happy Friday 🙂

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