When I wake up in the morning with a big event around noon, it completely changes my daily routine.

20120307-NOW 001

I eat a simple and (normally) cooler breakfast such as 1 cup Annie’s Bunnies, 1/2  cup Kashi Golean, banana, flax, and skim milk. Then instead of getting good and sweaty I jump right in the shower to attempt to look my best for the day.

Why can’t I workout? To be honest, my body just takes way too long to cool-off after. If I work out, then shower, then blow-dry my hair and try to look presentable, my hair ends up completely frizzy and my makeup comes right off as I continue to sweat away. I’m not joking about this. My last name can be translated into “origin of the armpit” so I have this theory that my ancestors were abnormally sweaty as well! Therefore, I would not look my best for a job interview.

That’s right, I finally got another interview this time in Bellevue. I’m excited about this job because it’s exactly what I was looking for but I’m worried I didn’t wow them with my interview. Don’t you just hate when you’re asked a question and you think to yourself “Damn. That is one really good question and I really should have taken the time to come up with an answer for that before now…”. There was a lot of that in the interview.  -_- I’m writing them down so I’ll be prepared for next time…

20120307-NOW 004

By 1:30pm, we were back at home for lunch. I was really craving Red Robin (we drove right by one!) so I decided to make a cheaper one at home. (Saving my Restaurant budget for when one of us gets a job so we can celebrate!) Boca Vegan burger with cheese, pickle, and avocado, on top of a real sesame bun (I normally use an English muffin but this was outstanding!). On the side I had some black olives for salt and a 1/2 cup of Vanana yogurt for sweet. ❤ I’m so glad I didn’t cave and end up at Red Robin.

20120307-NOW 005

The rest of the day was spent doing something I have sworn off for..two years now. I played a massively multiplayer online game! And guess what, it hasn’t taken over my life. I am not an addict anymore! Chase sent me a 7 day trial invite to try out Star Wars: The Old Republic and I’m actually having a lot of fun “spending time” with my man. While we played I sipped on a cup of coffee and cuddled a lap kitten (aka Vinni).

20120307-NOW 008

At 6pm we both noticed we were really hungry for dinner. I made a quick and easy meal of leftover brown rice, Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash sauce, and sautéed Brussels sprouts and spinach. It was super super filling. I almost only ate half but then I convinced myself I needed it since it was healthy!

A few hours after dinner Chase and I laced up our tennies and hit the gym. Today I tried out Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life’s Incline Treadmill Workout. I followed it to the T and found it to be a little too easy. However, according to the machine I only burned about 20 kcals less and only did 0.20 miles fewer than my normal interval workout. I just didn’t feel as winded nor did I sweat quite as much. I think I’ll give it one more try and then move on to a different workout.

Does sweat schedule your life?


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