Leap Day Tradition

I hope everyone had a great Leap Day! Chase and I laid in bed last night trying to decided what special things we would do for this non-existent day. We grabbed our Androids and Googled until we found something we could apply to us (there was a lot of kids games having to do with frogs…-_-) And then we found it, there is the Leap Day tradition of women proposing to men because since this day doesn’t exist, traditions don’t apply. Therefore we vowed to make our Leap Day untraditional!


My untraditional day started off at my non-traditional hour of waking, 6:30am! Vinni choose that exact moment to get extremely sick all over the bed. >.< I quickly jumped up and cleaned it and then found I couldn’t get back to sleep. Oh well, traditionally I would have right?

So I started out  my day early with a bowl of pumpkin pie oatmeal topped with almond butter and craisins. Sadly I have no maple syrup so it definitely was missing that “wow-omg-I-eat-pie-for-breakfast” feeling.

Traditional after you wake up and eat breakfast you start your day right? Well, I stupidly but un-traditionally climbed back in bed to settle my tummy and get warm. And ended up sleeping until noon. >.> Whoops.

Traditionally Chase and I have been trying to save money and eat at home, so today we decided to eat lunch out! (Yes just go along with this please.) We normally are swayed towards the more Asian cuisine so today we decided to try something new. The Mediterranean Kitchen was less than 1 mile away!

It was packed for lunch but luckily, after placing our order at the counter, nabbed a table with great lighting (for once).


Immediately after sitting down they bring you a bowl of vegetarian soup, a green salad, and warm pita bread! A great deal for the price. I tried a bit of the soup which was interesting and bursting with Mediterranean flavors (read garlic and lemon), ate most of the over-dressed and super lemony salad, and picked at the pita bread.


Then (in not too short of time at all!) my entrée arrived! Chase and I both decided to go with combination plates to really get to sample this eatery’s various dishes. My vegetarian combo came with:

  • Falafel – made up of ground garbanzo beans mixed with parsley, onions, garlic and spices. Deep-fried and served on a bed of lettuce with green onions, radish, cucumbers and tomatoes and topped with tahini sauce
  • Stuffed Grape Leaves – Fresh grape leaves stuffed with rice, onions and parsley then baked with delicious Mediterranean spices.
  • Spinakopita – Baked filo stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, served on saffron rice with garlic and hummus.

I ate one of the stuffed grape leaves, tried a bite of the falafel, and devoured the spinakopita since I knew that one would be the worst re-heated. I really loved the lemony rice but to be honest the rest of the plate was just way way over-powered with garlic and lemon. Chase said the same of his kebab combo and so did various reviews on Yelp.

It was really fun to try a new cuisine but I don’t think we’ll find ourselves back in that kitchen anytime soon.


Once we walked back home I really wanted a mug of coffee to help wash away the lemon and garlic. I’m really enjoying this Starbucks Christmas Blend we got as a move-in gift from our apartment complex.

All pumped full of caffeine and powered on garbanzo beans and garlic, Chase, very untraditionally, decided he would be support me getting in my daily workout by going with me! I got in a good 30 minute treadmill interval sweat and I probably wouldn’t have without him saying “Let’s go get this done!”. Thanks Chase ❤


Around 6pm, I had hankering for a good old banana and peanut butter! Not just any peanut butter, but the Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful I got for a steal at Target! Mmmmm! I can’t wait to have this in some oats.


Eventually my tummy started to get some hunger pains so I fed it a real meal of Mediterranean leftovers and some freshly sautéed asparagus and golden tomatoes. Better the second time around? Nope, not really.

I’m very excited for it to be March 1st tomorrow since that means it’s finally grocery day! Chase and I have big plans to hit up Costco even so we’ll have some frozen staples to get us by.

P.s. I finally got a call back from my job interview last Tuesday and sadly did not get the job. I’m not too bummed since it wasn’t a perfect fit (soo far away) but I am starting to really hate this job hunt. I got in a few more applications/resumes today but that’s about all I can really do.

P.s.s. Chase just handed me a Drumstick. Yes please.

What did you do for Leap Day? Something untraditional I hop!


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