Game Night

Woo, had a really fun eventful night last night so sorry that this post is a little late. Chase and I are trying to be social but this involves time and money!


Yesterday started with the very last of my Chobani 2% Greek yogurt, Kashi Golean Crunch, fresh blueberries, and honey. I kept it simple because I really wanted to savor the creaminess of the yogurt. I’m actually going to miss 2%!

Oh, did I mention my headache got really really bad the night before? So bad, the pain kept me up until Chase begged me to take some ibuprofen. =/ I hate taking pills. I’m glad I did though or I would never have gotten to sleep.

When I awoke I did feel a lot better, but the outside of my head still felt a little sore. I was still worried I may be getting sick or that this was a sign my body needed some downtime so I decided to take it easy and skip my workout.


Lunch was had in pieces, and started with me munching on these Tia Zesty Ranch chips. They don’t taste exactly like Doritos but they are a nice natural alternative. It’s nice that nothing tastes artificial.


My main course was two slices of Domino’s pizza and a Caesar salad with shaved parmesan. ❤ 007

For dessert, Chase and I shared these red grapes.


At 4pm, Chase and I braved the Downtown Seattle traffic and went and visited Chase’s old friends Andrew and Mia. They leave right in the heart of downtown! We were a little jealous of how many different things they have around them, but Kirkland just makes more sense for me to get to school.

When we arrived we headed out to a fancy grocery store and got some candy. I got this British candy bar called a Crunchie which was honeycomb covered in milk chocolate. I shared it with Chase but I ate most of it. It actually did help me feel better. ~.^


At 6pm, we walked to Tup Tim Thai for some tofu! I have been really craving some fried tofu lately. I know I could learn to make it at home, but I keep it restaurant only for a reason. Reason: I would eat it way too often!!

I ended up getting sautéed fried tofu with fresh basil, chili and garlic sauce. To be honest, I wasn’t too hungry so I just ate this very small portion pictured with white rice and a glass of their house red wine. The wine was surprisingly good!

The tofu was alright, not the fried “General Tao”  like tofu I was looking for but still very tasty. Chase thought his garlic chicken was just okay as well and none of the food came out at the same time. However, the most memorable thing about this place was our server, Nat. I think he may be the owner since he’s on lots of pictures on the wall, but he was a great server! Very funny and liked to do tricks.

Fed, we headed to the main event of the evening:


Thursday All-You-Can-Play Night at Gameworks! From 7pm-1am, you have unlimited play for only $10! Yes, we went to a giant arcade and played for 5 hours.


There was a bit of Dance Dance Revolution (dancing game on mats).


We also saved L.A. from terrorists with our trust machine guns. (This is my don’t mess with me look…)


And of course there were fighting games (which I am terrible at). It was a fun to be somewhere other than our apartment and doing something with Chase that he loves to do. Me? I get kind of bored at arcades. >.< They just don’t hold my interest for too long but I still had a great time last night.

On the drive home around 11:30pm, I was so hungry I chowed down on a white chocolate dipped orange biscotti I bought earlier. I should have just turned on the light and taken a picture but I really didn’t want to distract Chase from the road! I shared a few bites with Chase, but this delicious and much waited for baked good was mine!

Anyway, back to the daily grind. See you tonight!

What do you think of arcades?


2 thoughts on “Game Night

  1. Love the serious face Robyn! 🙂 My husband loves arcades me not so much. I will hang tho. It’s funny because he is 32 and is still totally into video games, lucky for my 5 year old,he thinks his dad is totally rad!!!
    Btw, looks like your settling into your new place quite nicely I didn’t get to comment on your apartment I really like it I’m sure its nice to have your own place and space….Let me know when you will be in San Diego to visit your sis so we can grab some Zen together 🙂
    Have a nice night!

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