This morning I finally caved and did something I promised myself I never would. I started a Twitter account.  >.< I’ve been avoiding it because I considered it a waste of time and just another way for me to be way too connected to the electronic world.

So why did I cave? Since moving to Washington money has been an issue. I am jobless and from the way it’s looking I may remain that way for quiet some time. This is somewhat difficult for a picky foodie like myself since I always want to try the newest and most interesting products. That’s where Twitter comes in. I’m going to try and use it to track us down the best giveaways, freebies, and hopefully get the attention of some PR people.

All the giveaways, cool information, quotes, and random questions I find/have will be tweeted/retweeted to the feed on the right hand side of my Home page (below my photo). That way we can all enter and win free stuff!

So if you have a Twitter account, be sure to follow me and let’s start winning some loot!

Now on to the food:


Breakfast was a treat! Since I won 3 tubs of Chobani Greek yogurt, I got to try 2% Plain for the first time! It’s a lot creamier and I really enjoyed it. I had a cup with some Kashi Golean Crunch, E.D. Smith Black Cherry Raspberry Blood Orange More Fruit Preserves, wheatberries, ground flax, and some dried cherries. This yogurt got Vincent’s two thumbs up! (He’s kind of a yogurt snob…probably thanks to his Mom. He didn’t care for the vanilla flavor either!)

After breakfast I hit the gym and did my current 30 min treadmill interval training. I think I’ll stick with this one for only one more week, otherwise I’m gonna get bored! I did get a good sweaty workout though.


Once showered and dressed, Chase and I had plans to get some errands done. It was noon though and we were eventually going grocery shopping so I knew I better eat a snack or buy out the store. Social Snackers and string cheese to the rescue! I had craved these like crazy last night. (I did end up snacking last night, but Chase helped me out by helping me choose the healthier option of low-fat popcorn instead.)

After the bank, post office, groceries, and walking all of it back in the rain, it was time for lunch.


All I wanted was something simple. Brown rice with sautéed Brussels sprouts in orange olive oil. Delicious.


In the afternoon I got two wonderful surprises!

1. My best friend, Ashton, sent Chase and I house-warming gifts! Bet you can guess which ones for me. ~.^ I love this new huge (16 oz!) mug and used it right away for a big old cup of Earl Grey tea.

2. I got my first bite on my resume submissions and have an interview tomorrow! It’s for a part-time receptionist job which is perfect for me but…it’s all the way out in Sammamish. >.< 30 minutes by car, an hour and 30 minutes by bus. If I get this job, I may have to give up my dream of cleaning-up my carbon footprint, and drive.


For dinner Chase wanted a re-do on his Taco Night. This time the “meat” was nicely spiced, the taco shells weren’t burnt, and everything tasted wonderful. I had a small cup of mandarin orange on the side. I love those things.


I don’t know if it’s the anxiety over having a job interview tomorrow (for a job I’m not 100% sure I want now…) or what but I really needed this small bowl of Kashi cereal with blueberries and milk. In fact, I really want another one but I’m trying to ignore it.

Anyway I hope tomorrow goes well no matter what.

How far do you commute? Do you drive or take public transit?


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