Rest Day

Ahh I am starting to love Sundays. It’s pretty much the day that I let myself sit on my ass and not worry about a thing. Not job searching, school applying, money, or even fitness. I enjoyed every moment of it, starting with setting no alarm! I slept until about 9:30am and then my tummy forced me out from my sheets (the kittens must have known it was Sunday because somehow they let this sleeping-in happen!).


Today, I had a plan to make this Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie! I normally never drink smoothies for a meal because they don’t tend to keep me going for very long, but since I knew I was doing zilch today I figured I would be ok. I swapped out the protein powder (because protein powder kind of creeps me out and is expensive…) for ground flax, nixed the ginger (hate it), and blended away. It tasted perfectly like an oatmeal cookie! I definitely need to get more frozen fruit and drink more smoothies.

For my mouth to get that chew-factor in, I had a toasted English muffin with light butter, strawberry jam on one, and peanut pumpkin butter on the other. Yes I am messing with cutting nuts from my diet again this week, mainly because Chase bet me I couldn’t do it. He thinks I failed last time because I had it a meal too soon, in his opinion!

I also like that cutting out the nuts makes me have to try different things!

For the rest of the morning, I laid in bed and did some good old fashioned reading. =)


When I was a little girl, the only sandwich I would eat at Subway was their Meatball Marinara with cheese. It was my favorite sandwich ever. In fact, I have one memory of taking one with me to an African dance recital, you know one of those where they get really into it and sweat profusely and make the theater stink of strong B.O.? The only thing that saved me was that I had my meatball sandwich to breathe into. I wouldn’t have survived without it!

Well, today after over a decade of waiting, I finally got to satisfy my love of the meatball marinara sandwich once more. And I did it all without eating meat! I toasted a hot dog bun with some white cheddar cheese and topped it with TJ’s Meatless Meatballs cooked in some red pasta sauce. It was perfection! And probably 300x healthier!

I knew this little sandwich wouldn’t fill me up though so I also gave Chobani’s 2% Passion Fruit Greek yogurt a try with some Kashi Golean Crunch. This new flavor was interesting with it’s passion fruit seeds giving it some crunch. A little too sugary for me though.


For the rest of the afternoon I sat on my bum and got in touch with my inner-gamer. Since I overcome my addiction, I’ve had trouble getting into a game enough to play without getting bored. I can hardly play for 30 minutes. Today though, I left myself enjoy my Buffy the Vampire Slayer xBox game for hours! It was actually really fun and I never felt so involved that I couldn’t turn it off for a break. Progress!

My lunch didn’t hold me over very well sadly. I ended up snacking on some low-fat popcorn while I staked vampires, said corny puns, and saved Sunnydale from certain destruction.


Around 5pm, all I could think about was a cold glass of skim chocolate milk. It was soo light and refreshing. Milk and I are having a romance.


A few hours later it was time for dinner using up more leftovers! (Leftovers are officially used up and we have no fresh produce. I’m thinking grocery shopping tomorrow!) I made some more teriyaki tofu with a thawed 1/3 block and some frozen veggies. This all went a top a bed of arugula with some mandarin oranges. I wish I could say this salad was amazing but sadly arugula an I are no longer friends. It tasted awful.

Alongside my Asian salad I finished off the white rice with a drizzle of soy sauce.


I’ve felt kind of hungry all day today so I allowed myself to have dessert tonight. I enjoyed 3 squares of this Raspberries in Dark Chocolate Chocolove bar Steph got me! Man quality dark chocolate tastes soo good.

Now, since I’ve had a request, pictures of my apartment!


The outside










Entry closet




Living room – we’d like to get a couch and TV in here eventually.


Kitchen ❤


Kitchen – Really want bar stools so we can eat at this “bar” that faces into the kitchen.


Chase’s desk


My desk – turned from original spot for better lighting for photographs!


My make-do couch leaning against the bar!


Also have this great little patio that we’ll someday get some stuff for.

Here’s to an awesome week!


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