Old Friendships

I’m glad I never plan on having children because my two kittens are enough! Seriously! Around 6 am this morning they decided that they couldn’t wait a moment longer for breakfast. Much boob and throat-stepping and face smothering ensued. Of course they won.


But after they ate they were supposedly really sorry! Ophie’s face says it all.


Hot oatmeal it was for breakfast! Oats mixed with white chia seeds instead of ground flax, peanut butter, banana, and raspberry and chocolate trail mix! For the record, I prefer this trail mix on it’s own. It really didn’t shine in the hot oats.


Next up, I stuck to my workout plan and did an awesome interval treadmill run! I’m really loving these and very excited to try out all the different ways to do it such as messing with inclines and such. I was also more eager to get it done today since it’s my last cardio workout of the week! Tomorrow I’m hitting the weights.

After working out I always grab the mail and today I got an extra special surprise.


My childhood friend and ex-Chem lab partner, Steph, sent me the sweetest house-warming letter and goodies! It completely made my day though it did make me wish I was still back in Missoula so we could continue to become even better friends.

The gifts were: this super neat “garden.in.a.bag” that will grow me some Good Luck Clovers! I think I’m going to wait until it’s a bit warmer here since they need to germinate but I am super excited to grow them!


And (wrapped in gorgeous wrapping) some adorable-sized Chocolove chocolate bars!! I love this brand and these were all flavors I would have choose! Steph knows me too well. I can’t wait to get together a little gift box for her. ^_^

Feeling rather reflective on the past, I went through my old photo album and found some great photos. First off here is a more recent picture of Steph and Karlie, my two childhood friends.

All grown up and drinking beer! And here they are many many years ago…




Karlie! (Karlie just informed me that she (and her two sisters) have started a blog! Check out The Sisters K for amazing craft and food ideas!)

I love that I am friends with both of them again. ❤


Lunch was leftover mac and cheese mixed with veggies and veggie dogs. I added some creole seasoning on top to give it some taste since this mac was such a flop. I also had some Doritos on the side >.< since Chase was having some and they sounded sooo good. For the record, they are. I really aught to try Kettle Brand’s new TIAS since at least they are all natural.

After lunch, I did some good ‘ol job searching and submitted my resume to a few more places. I almost filled out a Target application but I’m still convinced I can aim a little higher. Yes, I do love Target but I’m not sure I want to be a cashier again.


Around 4pm, I felt like my blood sugar took a dive off a cliff and was drowning under water. >.< So I made myself a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter and apple butter with a nice cold glass of skim milk. I felt a lot better after.


Due to this big snack, I didn’t end up eating dinner until after 8pm. More leftovers to save the day! Polenta squares topped with frozen veggies, meatless meatballs, leftover Alfredo sauce, and shaved parmesan. It was surprisingly tasty though I do need to grab a different kind of frozen vegetables. Water chestnuts with Italian food is just wrong!

Chase and I are trying to have plans to actually do exciting things tomorrow so hopefully if I haven’t bored you to death you can read about them then! Hope everyone is having a great Friday night!

Do you still keep in touch with your childhood friends?

7 thoughts on “Old Friendships

  1. Haha, how appropriate is a). this post and the fact that I just started following you, b). the comment you made on Facebook and me revealing my craft blog! Yeah!

    Also, this is me requesting more photos of your apartment because I’m weird and love stuff like that. I hope you are having to much fun out there! I’m jealous.

    – Karlie

    • OMG I’m soo glad you made your blog!! Totally linking to you. ~.^

      I will definitely put more photos of the apartment but it definitely could use some artistic touches. >.< Right now we're just getting by. For example: my computer chair is a foot stool!

      Thanks for commenting and reading! ^_^

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