One Big Burger

Today I woke up on a mission.


I ate my breakfast of )% Chobani Vanilla Greek yogurt (thank gods the last of it), Kashi Golean Crunch, ground flax, banana, and trail mix rather quickly and hardly let my food digest before I slipped on my tennis shoes.


I hate a date with a stationary bike. This bike was much more hardcore than the bike I had at my dad’s. I set it on “Hill”, flipped on my Kindle, and sweated buckets for 35 minutes. Yes I didn’t do as many miles as on my old bike, but the intensity level was so much greater! Definitely keeping this in my rotation.

Speaking of workout rotations, I did try out intervals on the elliptical on Valentine’s day and really ended up not liking it. I just don’t like the elliptical. So it is off the list!

Now what was the rush this morning? Well Chase had his first job interview(!) to get to at noon! Luckily it was only a mile from our place so we were able to walk there easily. Not wanting to make Chase uncomfortable, I wished him luck and kissed him goodbye once we located the place and ended up walking around the area to see what there was. Honestly, nothing. No café to sit down in and wait, no store to go in and browse and stay warm. And boy was it breezy and cold!


As soon as Chase was done I told him I had to get something warm to eat and drink! We decided to try out the Brown Bag Café one more time. I immediately ordered a hot cocoa. Did I mention I am trying to cut back on coffee? This hot cocoa was outstanding. I’ll give them that.


For lunch, I got their famous mushroom, Swiss, and grilled onion burger with a veggie patty. It came on their ginormous homemade bun and a pound of greasy fries.

Honestly? Very mediocre. I couldn’t taste much flavoring on my burger and the fries had absolutely no salt or seasoning. I ate half of the burger and a few fries and boxed it up. I think the Brown Bag has been a disappointment for the last time. =/ I really wanted to like it!


Once back home Chase and I piled onto our warm bed with the babies and watched more Law & Order: SVU. We were frozen, worn out, and a little disappointed. (The job was not what Chase was looking for though they did offer him the job). A few hours later I grabbed a snack of TJ’s raspberries and chocolate trail mix and a few Jelly Belly’s.


At 7:30pm, I realized I was getting pretty hungry again so I took the tasteless fries and popped them in the oven. Once they were warm (and crispier) I sprinkled on some Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. Sooo much better. I also reheated the other half of my burger with some BBQ sauce for flavor. For a veggie (I know there weren’t many today!) I ate the fixings that I took home from Chase’s burger. He always gets them on the side so I can eat them. ^_^


For dessert I snacked on more Jelly Belly’s. >.< I really aught to stop eating these things. They are starting to become a trigger food…

Well let’s hear it for Friday!

P.s. Sorry about the mediocre activities lately. With Chase and I looking for work we’re also trying not to spend too much money. =/

What’s your favorite burger joint?

I have to say Red Robin has never led me astray!


3 thoughts on “One Big Burger

  1. Hi there! I just found you when I was commenting on The Healthy Everythingtarian’s latest post and noticed you live in Seattle!! I am also a Seattle transplant!!! I’m glad I found you!!

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