Today was a very unproductive day. But hey, tis the life of waiting for responses to resume submissions. =/ Not really sure what else to do…


I did however figure out what to eat for breakfast! Vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt (bleh almost done. I hate vanilla!), Kashi Golean Crunch, ground flax, banana, banana peanut butter, and dried cherries. It was decent but somewhat hard to ignore the vanilla flavor. Maybe more nuts next time?

I then stuck to my guns and hit the gym!


It was a great workout and I’m even thinking about increasing some of the speeds. The 3.5 rest intervals just are ungodly slow. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to try and mix up this week’s workouts instead of just trying to do interval training all week long. Here is my plan:

  • Monday – Interval Treadmill
  • Tuesday – Elliptical Workout
  • Wednesday – Interval Treadmill
  • Thursday – Stationary Bike
  • Friday – Interval Treadmill
  • Saturday – Strength Training
  • Sunday – Rest day!

It’s kind of fun to have a different workout everyday! Planning my workouts and righting them down in my planner really helps me stick to my resolve.


Around 1pm, I was very ready for lunch. This time though I put my leftover Dijorno pizza slices in the oven for a good half hour. This made a huge difference on the texture of the crust and I can say it was almost as good as the night I cooked it. I had three slices with a Caesar salad with shaved parmesan and cherry tomatoes.


The pizza was super filling, but I had room for a sweet note. ^_^ Brownie Truffle was delicious!

Chase and I did a bunch of house cleaning and Law and Order: SVU watching today. Nothing really too exciting or picture-worthy. We also got our taxes done and are very excited to get our tax returns! Surprised smile


For dinner I had plans to make use of some of the polenta squares I made last week. This time I layered two with butternut squash sauce mixed with a blend of frozen veggies and topped it with a few meatless meatballs and shaved parmesan. I then baked it in the oven for probably around 30 minutes until the cheese was melted and gooey and the meatballs were hot. It was scrumptious, hearty, and warming. ❤ Along with a small glass of pinot grigo of course. ~.^


And for the rest of my evening? I’m going to sit in the living room on my make shit chair of pillows on the floor, eat the last of my V-Day chocolates (2), drink a cup of Earl Grey tea, and read my book, A Dance With Dragons. ❤ Sounds perfect. (Yes that’s my Hello Kitty blanket!)

I hope everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!


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