Zen Dinner


I enjoyed my breakfast so much yesterday I decided to have the exact same thing today. ^_^ I added a dash of cinnamon into the mix though, so I had a little spice. It did the same trick today, filled me up and kept me that way, but unfortunately the thought of interval running just completely repulsed my muscles today. =/

I think I need to come up with a workout schedule that has me doing something else every other day. Something less…intense. I could: stationary bike for an hour, work on my strength training, or use the elliptical. My goal this week is to try out each one and decide what I like!

Instead of getting sweaty, Chase and I hit the streets looking for work. We walked around for about an hour only to realize that we have very limited options around us. Defeated, we trudged back home and job hunted the modern way: online.

After submitting my resume and applications to six different job openings, my body and mind were more than ready for lunch.


Two slices of the mushroom and spinach pizza from last night (on a giant plate! All the others were dirty.) and a side Caesar salad with shaved parmesan. Mmm. I wish Dijorno pizzas tasted as good reheated as they did right out of the oven though. The crust is just never the same!


To give my sweet tooth a fix I had the Peanut Butter Dream chocolate out of my tin too. ❤


Later around 4pm I had an afternoon snack of 1/2 cup Nature’s Path PB granola with the last of my skim milk. Man I love milk! This snack was so refreshing and filling.


Today was also laundry day. Ophelia hates laundry day. It means she’s supposed to get off the bed so we can dump the clean clothes on it to hang them up.


Eventually she realizes it may be her favorite day ever because it’s soo warm and toasty under the pile.


Around 8:30 I finally got hungry for dinner. And boy I had big plans! Thanks to Heidi for reminding me of the amazingness that is the Zen Breakfast from The Mission restaurant in San Diego, I decided to make my own version at home! No it didn’t taste anywhere near as delectable as the original, but it sure was tasty!

I cooked 1/3 block of tofu in teriyaki sauce, sautéed up a yellow squash in orange olive oil, and reheated some white rice. It was really easy to prepare and I loved every bite. I will definitely be making this  “Zen Dinner” again. 


For dessert I had this Pecan Raspberry Cream chocolate and an unpictured Milk Butter Caramel one. I really wanted to try and keep it to only two chocolates a day, but I couldn’t help myself! I guess I sometimes have my mother’s mentality of “I need to eat them now so they will be gone and I can’t eat them anymore!”. It’s silly!

What’s your favorite kind of chocolate?

– I definitely prefer ones with nuts or toffee!


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