A Good Day


So I have a confession. =/ I got really depressed and worried about life last night so I ate a butt-load of these Trader Joe Baked Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and TJ’s Papaya Mango Salsa. Was I hungry? No. Did it make me feel better? Sure, for a few moments.

I know it’s times like these I have to not let myself fall back into old habits.

P.s. Bleh on the chips and double bleh on the salsa! You know how mangos sometimes have that fishy taste to them? Yeah. Major fish.

Due to this “incident”, I vowed to take a picture of absolutely everything I ate today. No nibbles went unphotographed! And I can happily say I did it and it helped me stay true to my hunger signals. (I normally photograph just about everything but a few nibbles here and there slip by occasionally. More often than not lately.)

I woke up this morning (always a few minutes before my alarm at 8:30am goes off), and was not very excited for breakfast. I am missing the nuts soo much. This is usually my favorite meal of the day! Today I ended up with a full cup of Nature’s Path Açai Apple Granola, ground flax, banana, and dried cherries. It was so so. Not what my body is craving!

Then, instead of lacing up my workout shoes, I listened to my body again and gave my muscles a rest. Burning out on this treadmill interval training would not be a good way to go. I crawled back in bed and got my read on! I am loving George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons. I really need to make time to get in some solid recreational reading. It helps me relax so much.


Too much actually! My eyelids began to get droopy so I made myself a cup of “coffee”. I’ve been meaning to share what this “coffee” is ever since my mother gave me a box for xmas. Gano Café, “healthy coffee”, is made with coffee beans infused with a Chinese herb called Ganoderma Lucidum. This herb has been known to provide health benefits such as:

    • Builds the Immune System
    • Oxygenates Your Body
    • Boosts Stamina
    • Provides over 150 All-Natural Antioxidants to Fight Free Radicals
    • Aids in weight loss

I decided to try it because it’s easier on my stomach than regular coffee. I still can’t always drink a whole cup (like today) though. The one I drink is their “3-in-1” drink, somewhat like a latte with natural sweeteners and non-dairy creamer already mixed in.


Vincent, Ophelia, and I read…




…and all out relaxed. Ophie loves to sleep on her back when she feels really safe and comfortable. She reminds me of a little sea otter. ^_^


See it!?


Around 1:30pm my stomach was ready for lunch. I knew I wanted to use up those tortilla chips (because they are seriously one of my few trigger foods left), so I made “healthy” nachos. Small bed of blue corn ships topped with: a sprinkle of shredded Mexican cheese, lettuce, sautéed orange pepper and cherry tomatoes, and TJ’s Papaya Mango Salsa.

It was so so. I really hate that salsa and I didn’t have any Mexican seasonings to cook the peppers in, but it filled me up. 


Around 5pm I found myself hungry again. I dished out a serving of Trader Joe’s Social Snackers (loveee these) and some white cheddar cheese. Deliciousness!

I then got to work being productive. I am now enrolled at Cascadia Community College in order to get my very last pre-req for Bastyr University complete! Big weight lifted off my shoulders! One giant step in the right direction, check!

I also did a lot of job searching on Craigslist and worked a bit on my resume. I’m not going to start the official search until Monday because I know I need to relax a little bit or I will get too stressed and high-strung and get another cold sore!

Around 6:30pm I found myself super hungry and with a craving for a veggie burger. Big problem. >.> I don’t have any veggie burger materials! I almost went crazy and convinced Chase to get fast food with me (Burger King has a veggie burger..) but luckily I realized how stupid this was and used the food I already had made to fill the void.


Yep. Exact same meal as yesterday. It was still outstanding. I’m glad I didn’t waste money and kcals on stupid fast food. Plus a glass of pinot grigo! They don’t serve that at Burger King. =P


Later, I had my very last Ice Cream Green Tea Mochi ball! I know I sort of plowed through this box of 6 (having one every night) but they were serious 100 kcal perfection. The textures!!! Mochi, I love you. I will make you eventually.

Even though I spent most of today laying on my backside, I feel like it was a very good day. I got some much needed relaxation (why can’t I just stop worrying about everything!?), read a ton, hung out with my family, enrolled in college, scoped out my options (job hunting), and stayed true to my body.

It was a good day.

P.s. NUTS TOMORROW!!! Surprised smile


2 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. Glad you got to relax today! I love those days when you can just let yourself rest and not feel guilty about it!
    I will be thinking about you tomorrow because I have a date with my mom at The Mission for breakfast!! Woohoo! Can’t wait for the Zen….. Love it!
    Hope you have a fabulous Friday, and weekend!

    • Oooh! Enjoy that tofu! I’ve decided that it will definitely be a tradition to go there when I visit my sister! Geez I had big plans for a peanut butter oriented breakfast but now I kind of want to make a stand-in version of the Zen! Maybe I will for Saturday! Thanks for the reminder!

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