Interval Training

Oh my gods I am missing nuts!! It seriously limits the things I can eat for breakfast. >.< I don’t like oatmeal or yogurt or toast without some delicious nutty nut butter! So today it was cereal again…


Same mix as yesterday but minus the banana. The banana just made me think of peanut butter and that just made me sad! Friday can not come fast enough. I need nuts!


And then I did something with Chase that we have never done before! We worked out together! Surprised smile Crazy I know. I was so surprised when he said he’d come with me.

My Aunt Karen gave me a few words of advice a few months ago about interval training, so I decided today was as good a day as any to give it a try! Before leaving, I Googled “beginner treadmill interval” and found this easy and shot workout on Itty Bits of Balance.


It was awesome! I loved that because I had to pay attention to the speed setting and time I never had time to get bored! I normally hate the treadmill due to boredom but today I just listened to my audiobook, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, and kept following my workout!

It was a little too short of a workout for me so afterwards I lifted some weights and got familiar with the machines only for about 10 minutes. I think I am definitely going to continue with the interval training though but I may tack on a few more minutes to really get a good sweat.

Next up we got a few errands done such as opening new checking accounts and donating some unwanted items to Value Village. We were going to go buy a router (for our internet installation tomorrow!!) but I was soo hungry by then I had to go home for lunch.


Enter thrown together salad of: butter lettuce, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, green apple, the rest of the TJ’s Egg White Salad, and some shredded cheese. Devoured!

I then went on a small walk by myself back to Trader Joe’s to get some tofu for dinner and few items I deemed missing in my pantry.


One of which were these Social Snackers I’ve seen Danica eating for the past year. I knew I had to try them especially when Chase said I could use his white cheddar cheese!


Once home, I dug into 8 crackers (one serving) and some cheese. Holy yum. These are my new favorite crackers. Buttery and flavorful.


Around 5pm, after playing my new DS game Chocolatier, I had a major craving for (you guessed it) chocolate! I wanted some so bad! Not just the simple dark chocolate but the ones filled with caramels and nuts! Valentine’s day chocolates.

But we had no chocolate. >.< So I made do with a small glass of Chocolate Nesquik milk.


Dinner wasn’t until around 8pm tonight. Again, Chase and I cooked together. ❤ I love doing that. We had white rice with frozen mixed veggies sautéed in orange olive oil and teriyaki tofu for me, teriyaki chicken for him. It was delicious!

As a side note the Trader Joe’s organic firm tofu is outstanding! I loved the texture and it held together very well.


P.s. Vincent is doing very well here. His favorite thing is the sun shining in the large sliding glass doors in the living room. He’s become a professional sun bather.

Ophelia on the other hand is still having a hard time. Everything spooks her right now and she’ll only come out of the bedroom when she is positive we are the only two people home and we are out there. I’m a little worried about her handling the internet man coming tomorrow. >.< At our first apartment, she hid in the closet for three hours once after the plumber had left! My poor baby!

Anyway I will have the internet for tonight’s post(!!) so see you all tonight!

Have you tried interval training? Any tips/suggestions/websites with good workouts?


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