Woot woot! I now have the internet! Sadly, it has so far only brought me frustrating news. For example, the essay requirements for my Bastyr University application have been changed. What used to read “a minimum of 500 words” now reads “between 1,000 to 2,00 words.”  -_- So while I thought I could submit my application tonight I now have to somehow pull another 500 words out of my butt. Seriously. I have no more to say to these essay questions!

Trying to stay calm = Jelly Belly binge.

The rest of today was better…


I woke up not really feeling like anything particular for breakfast. I ended up making this yogurt bowl of Chobani 0% Vanilla Greek yogurt, ground flax, Kashi Golean Crunch, banana, and a spoonful of E.D. Smith Black Cherry Raspberry Blood Orange More Fruit Preserves.

I then did something I have probably never done: I only ate half my breakfast!! It was just too much sweet on sweet without the nut butter. Plus I have realized I really hate vanilla yogurt! It’s too sweet! Don’t worry I didn’t throw it away. Just boxed it up for when I can add some nuts!

Next on my to do list was treadmill interval training! No Chase with me today since he slept funny on his back, but I was fine with going by myself.


I’d written down my minutes wrong so I ended up improvising at the end. Boy was I tried at the end! 30 minutes was tough!! I was soaked and aching by the end, but very proud I stuck to it.

Since we were getting hooked up today anywhere from 1-5pm, we headed out around 11am to grab a router so we’d be able to completely set-up. Boy does tax suck! I paid an extra 8 dollars!! This is going to take some getting used to. I’m still confused on when they tax you and when you don’t. I’ve been taxed at Trader Joe’s once and not taxed the next time.  O.o Can anyone explain?


Lunch was had around 12:30pm today. I mad a sandwich on wheat bread with white cheddar cheese and strawberry jam. Plus a side salad of butter lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and special balsamic. The lunch was only so so. The bread kind of ruined the sandwich. I should have toasted it!


A few hours later I made myself a glass of skim milk with Nesquik! It’s my go to chocolate fix right now. Once I can eat trail mix though I intend to buy myself a bag of my favorite from TJ’s since I somehow lost my last bag from my x-mas in the move. =(


While we waited for the internet guy we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which my friend Del got me over the holidays. ❤ I saw this film in theaters and it made me cry for 3 whole hours after it. Today it really touched me again but I managed to only cry for a half hour. I highly recommend it.

With my body all sore and my eyes all achy and puffy, Chase convinced me to take a nice hot bath. It was nice to get a chance to read and my muscles do feel better, but for the next holiday I am totally asking for these things:

Microdry Luxury Bath Pillow with Memory Foam

Umbra Aquala Bamboo and Chrome Bathtub Caddy

Because my neck now has lots of knots in it from the hard tub and my book was almost too heavy to hold up!

Once I was out, the internet and cable was set up! It’s just “basic 29 channel cable” so we probably aren’t going to bother leaving the TV out in the living room to use it. We have Netflix that we can watch in bed now! Woot. So much better than cable. It’s funny how many people don’t understand us when we tell them “We don’t want cable.”


While I watched some basic TV I munched on Jelly Bellys….a lot.


And made dinner! Tonight I was determined to keep using ingredients in my pantry. One of which was a bag of polenta! So I made polenta squares and topped them with roasted tomato sauce with yellow squash and orange bell pepper in it. Plus four TJ Meatless Meatballs and shaved parmesan! It was very very tasty but no Shack Café.


For dessert (along with the Jelly Belly binge) I ate a Mochi Ice Cream ball. I’ve been loving these and have had one every night. The squishy mochi is making me crave the sweets I ate in Japan! It also did the job of stopping my binge! Now if only it could inspire me to BS 500 more words for my essay!


3 thoughts on “Connected

  1. Cheese and jam sandwich? I like the sound of that flavour combination. I’m quite a fan of cheese and apple, but cheese and jam I have never heard of! Would you recommend it?

    PS. I am so very jealous of your ice cream mochi ice cream ball. I’ve never seen anything of the sort here, but I had one in Japan (unfortunately not until the day I left at the airport) and it totally blew my mind. I love the texture of mochi!

    • Yes I actually really liked the cheese and jam combination! The tang of the cheese plus the sweetness of the jam is a very unique blend. I think if I’d have put it on crackers instead the bready texture wouldn’t have ruined it for me. I’m very much a texture person.

      Yes these balls are making me really really miss mochi! I almost tracked down an asian market store today to see if I could make my own mochi confections with all the different pastes (red bean, black sesame, soy sauce, and edamame) but decided I should probably get a job first before I go blowing all my money on sweets!

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