With Meatless Balls

I forced myself to sleep in until 10am today. I went to bed soo tired and cranky last night it wasn’t funny. Of course I woke up at 7am to feed the babies first, but then I went back to sleep. I need to remind myself to get enough sleep lately.


I decided on a simple bowl of Nature’s Path Apple Pomegranate Granola  and Kashi Golean Crunch topped with ground flax, banana, and a few dried tart cherries in skim milk! Trader Joe’s skim milk to be exact. And this might sound weird, but their milk is good! Even Chase commented on how good his milk tasted. (He got their whole milk)


I thought I’d show off the desk I got at IKEA yesterday. It’s small and simple but it’s just what I needed to have my own little area for blogging and photo taking.


Of course, since we don’t have internet yet, I ended up heading over to the community center to post yesterday’s post. It’s super nice there (and free coffee!) so I’ll just keep using it until we get connected. (Wednesday is our installation day!)


Lunch was around 2pm. I made a delicious batch of two egg scrambled eggs with red pepper, carrots, baby tomatoes, and shredded cheese! Yum! Cheese totally makes these outstanding for me. On the side I had a multigrain English muffin with homemade pumpkin butter.


After eating I still felt like I was missing a component of the meal. So a glass of milk with Nesquick sounded perfect! Secret: I’m totally in love with milk.


Still peckish, I popped some low fat popcorn and watched Family Guy with Chase. It was nice to take it easy, but I was itching to get outside and get some blood flowing.

Eventually I convinced Chase to go on a walk with me in order to find a grocery store that he could buy “his kind of food” at. We found a QFC out past the Starbucks and now he finally has food. ^^ I felt so bad that all he had for breakfast/lunch was snack food.

Along this walk we found: our new bank (did research online earlier and decided on it), a Village Value to donate unwanted things to (we have two boxes full already), a used video game store (Chase was bummed they weren’t hiring), a liquor store (woot woot), and a vitamin store! I usually am against getting vitamins in pill form, but I’m really considering taking a lysine supplement to ward against future cold sore attacks. It was nice to get a little bit familiar with our area!


I love our apartment grounds. It makes me feel like I’m at some wonderful camp. This is the path we take from the community center to our complex. There are apparently more extensive paths for pet walking but I haven’t explored them yet. Trust me I will!


When dinner time rolled around we cooked together(!) and made spaghetti! Whole wheat pasta, fire roasted tomato sauce with yellow squash and red pepper, Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs (HOLY YUM) and some shaved parmesan (my new favorite cheese). It was delicious.

More on these meatballs though. They have a different texture than I was expecting (soft) but they taste extraordinary! I am seriously considering recreating a Subway Meatball Marinara sandwich with them. That’s the only meat thing I have ever missed since becoming a vegetarian back in 2001.

What’s your favorite Subway sandwich?


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