Apparently, until we get our internets setup, I’m going to be posting a day late! Let’s just say by nighttime I am way too tired and spent to trudge out of our apartment and go find free Wi-fi. I’m sorry! We will hopefully get connected this week.

Anyway I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Went to bed around 2pm and woke up around 8am wondering where the hell my babies were! Turns out they got scared and had to hide under the bed. =( My poor little ones! What also woke me up? My growling stomach!


I went into the kitchen and threw together a yogurt bowl filled with Chobani 0% Vanilla Greek yogurt, Kashi Golean Crunch, ground flax, a blob of fruit jam type stuff, and some dried cherries. It was good, but it really lacked the staying power and overall full feeling that nuts give me.

Did I mention I am going a week without nuts? Since they are high in the amino acid arginine I am trying to avoid them so I don’t get another cold sore flare up. Just for a week though! Let’s face it, I need nuts!

After eating I wanted to get my blog post up for all of you, so I decided to take a walk to the Starbucks 0.7 miles away. It was a lovely, safe walk. One thing I noticed about walking around here is that almost the moment you hit the button to cross the street the lights change! It’s crazy. I never waited more than 15 seconds.


Once at Starbucks I ordered a tall iced nonfat latte with one pump caramel syrup. I couldn’t believe it was warm enough to order an iced drink in February! This Montanan girl has a lot to learn.

I also worked on applying for a job at any of the various Starbucks locations near my apartment! That would be the perfect part time job in my opinion. Close enough to walk; serving people various goods that make them happy; and getting to put barista work down on my resume! I don’t know why, but I have always wanted to be one. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. >.<


I walked the 0.7 miles back home to see if I could get Chase up around noon. By then, my stomach was hungry for lunch. But all the food we had in the apartment would take a lot of effort to prepare….so instead I grabbed some snacks. Last little baggie of the Costco Zen soybean mix (yes it had a few almonds in it but soybeans are high in lysine, so they definitely balanced out the arginine in the almonds!), half an apple and a few baby carrots, and to round out the snack a string cheese. It was super light but it did the trick..for now.


Since we have no table currently I ate on the floor with the babies. Ophie was very happy to have me at her level, so she came out from hiding and sprawled in the sun next to me.

With Chase finally up and ready to start his day, we headed to IKEA! We stayed reasonable and only got a few things. A cheap little desk for me (because I needed a space to take food photos on and I love having my own little area), some hanging wardrobes for clothes and shoes, wine glasses, water glasses, dish towels, and a shower curtain. We really need two bar stools so we have a place to eat (we have a bar ledge area), but they were just too expensive there.

By the end of the mile long store (or as I referred to it as “an amusement park for adults”), I was famished. I needed food.


So we popped into the IKEA restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised by their amazing spinach and cheese crepes! I’d only had twice before but both times they were dessert crapes. Savory crapes are sooo much better! I fell in love with the texture and intense flavor of the filling. I would totally eat this again.

Once home we were back out the door again to take a walk to Trader Joe’s. I was a little saddened that Chase totally didn’t care for the store (I will never make a foodie out of him. =( ) but I still got some good items for meals throughout the week.


Of course, I had to try a $2.49 bottle of pino grigo. It was decent!


For dinner I popped open Trader Joe’s Egg White Salad with Chives…


…drizzled my new fancy Special Balsamic from the fancy Oil and Vinegar store my mum gave me a gift card to for xmas…


…and ate a great salad! Butter lettuce, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 a container of the egg white salad, and some TJ’s Lite Mexican Cheese mix. It was yummy but I have to say the egg white salad didn’t knock my socks off.


Since my dinner was so light I finished it off with the one treat I allowed myself to pick up at TJ’s. Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream Balls! I loved them! Chewy mochi on the outside and filled with creamy cold green tea ice cream inside. Chase didn’t like them (big surprise) so I ended up having two since he took a giant bite out of his and I’d eaten mine. >.< Oh well. Maybe tomorrow I’ll check out the fitness center?

I have to admit I got really depressed today. Chase just didn’t seem pleased or excited about anything and it really wore me down. (IKEA and TJ’s are fun!?!) Maybe it’s due to the lack of sleep but I just kind of want to curl up and do nothing.

Know where to find cheap bar stools?


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