A New Home

Posting this a day later because I was so tired by the end of yesterday that I could not get up the energy to go to the community laundry room to use the free wi-fi.  -_- Please forgive me! We are going to get our internet set up ASAP.


Friday night at the motel in Ellensburg did not go easy. Ophie was scared to death but Chase convinced her if she pretended she was a Sith lord nothing could hurt her. If only she’d stayed like that all night. I was up into the wee hours of the morning trying to calm both of them and keep them from meowing up a storm and driving our neighbors crazy.


Both ended up sleeping under the covers which they never do. They were so traumatized! That’s Ophie in that lump.


In the morning I scoped the complementary breakfast only to find a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. I was very glad I’d brought my own snacks and ate a Pomegranate 0% Chobani and a Luna Nutz Over Chocolate bar.


We then drove 2.5 hours to Kirkland, WA! It was a beautiful day out. I sipped on a Lemonade VitaminWater, glanced longingly through IKEA catalog, finished off the bag of Pirate’s Booty, and listened to more of The Hunger Games.

And then we arrive at our new home!

I love all the natural light it gets. =) It’s perfect and we are very very happy with it!


And guess what I had waiting for me in my fridge? The Chobani Greek yogurt I won from Shannon’s Kitchen Giveaway two weeks ago! I was very worried it was going to arrive ahead of me and it did by 2 days, but the kind people who run my apartment complex took care of it for me! I couldn’t have won this giveaway at a more perfect time!

After unloading our entire U-Haul and car, settling the kittens into their new home, and returning the U-Haul (Thank gods. Those things are stressful!), Chase declared lunch was in order. Our very last time eating out in a long time probably. We really need to stick to a budget since we are both now jobless.


With Yelp’s help, we ended up at Bella Kitchen. Chase wanted food that would really keep us full and Italian sounded perfect for that. The place was cute but kind of meh seating. Clearly more of a take-out joint but with the gorgeous sun streaming in from the windows it served us fine. ^_^


I started with a side salad which was just simple romaine lettuce, some croutons, and a yummy Italian dressing. Very simple but I loved every bite I was so famished!


My entrée was full of cheesy goodness to help my cold sore heal. It’s actually 80% better today. I like to think my eating choices helped! I got the Baked Ziti which had four cheeses in it! Feta, gorgonzola, mozzarella, and parmesan. It was surprisingly delicious. I completely judge Italian joints on their red sauce and this place totally passed the test. The sauce rocked my taste buds. I gave the garlic bread to Chase (it was nothing special) but I would totally go back to this place. I ate half of the pasta for our later lunch and the other half for dinner.

Side note: you know you’re not in Montana anymore when they actually notate on the menu all the vegetarian options! Squee!

Once back at our new home, we unpacked all of our stuff (minus clothes, need something to put them in)! It was like Christmas all over again as I found dishes I had forgotten about after packing them away 2 years ago.


Finding all this great stuff, made me come to terms with getting rid of the “junk”. Junk meaning these cheap plastic bowls I’ve been using over the course of last year. They are not microwave safe so it makes it kind of difficult (and painful) when I need to heat up food in them! They are now being donated to Good Will.


Of course, Vincent and Ophelia helped us move in too. They are actually getting used to the new home rather fast. I think it helped that they saw us unpacking.


Around 11pm my energy levels started to crash so I munched on brownies! >.< They had gotten all crumbly in the bag so I just kept eating the crumbles…bad idea! I probably ate two brownies! Oh well.

I promise to have a new post tonight!


2 thoughts on “A New Home

  1. Your cats are adorable! The photo of them on the mattress is a keeper. Good to hear they’re adjusting quickly to the new environment, but not quite so good to hear about their anxiety on the way!

    We’ve had a few instances where one of our cats has come on a trip rather unintentionally. Once my parents were going to our lake-house for the weekend. When they stopped half way for lunch, they discovered that our cat Ribby had stowed away in the trailer! Needless to say, she had a lovely weekend – though my parents had to keep her inside, otherwise she’d likely go out and have a nice feast on the native bird population…

    Have a nice day 🙂

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