Wine in a Water Bottle

I drank way too much last night.  -_- I got home around 1am and decided there was no way I could write up this post. Why was I drinking? Because last night was “Ashton’s boyfriends Birthday/Ashton’s Birthday/Their Welcome Back/My Going Away Party”! Still, I should have showed more moderation but since I knew this is the last time for a long time that I’d be out with friends, I gave into the moment.

But anyway, let’s start at the beginning of the day.


I woke up bright and early not to workout but to eat an amazing smoothie in a bowl (my last Yoplait baggie) with some Nature’s Path Peanut Butter Granola sprinkled on top. I am a little sad this was my last one because I was honestly loving these!

Telling myself I can workout later, I went off to work.


At work my stomach was a little all over the place. =( It did not feel good. I chugged water to help (and help my headache go away) but eventually (because my stomach was growling) I made a cup of coffee. This was the wrong thing for my tummy of course!


At 12:30pm I grabbed Chase at Hastings and we went for a really quick lunch since he only had 30 minutes! Well what’s that quick besides fast food grossness? Burritos! I enjoyed (for the last time) a small fish burrito at Taco Del Sol! I love these. The cabbage and white sauce are what makes it for me. I also love that they don’t fill this with rice. I don’t see the point of eating a simple carb within a simple carb.

For the rest of the afternoon I got pretty melancholy about life. I’m about to start a new chapter in mine and I’m both excited and scared to see it happen. I moped around the house while I continued to pack.


Around 3pm I got a little snacky and grabbed a baggie of trail mix. After eating it and not having anything to do (ran out of packing boxes), I considered going to sleep. I realized then and there that I was being stupid! So I put my workout clothes on and jumped on my bike for a solid 60 minutes! It felt soo good to just sweat my worries and sadness away.


When it was time to stretch guess who was using my foam roller? You know so she could plant her face closer to the heater…What a baby. It wasn’t that cold even!


Around 5:30pm I was soo starving for dinner! Since I had big drinking plans tonight I knew I wanted to keep it light, nutritious, and yet filling. I made a salad of Italian lettuce, broccoli, strawberries, and an oil dressing. For the filling part I toasted a piece of Great Harvest Dakota bread. I couldn’t decided on the topping so I cut it in fourths and made each one different! 1) Jiff Chunky with strawberry jelly 2) Jiff Chunky with homemade pumpkin butter 3) Jiff Chunky with TJ’s Lemon Curd and 4) Banana Peanut Butter with strawberry jelly.

My favorite was actually the pumpkin butter!


Our party was at a bowling alley I was pretty sure didn’t serve wine. So this wino decided to bring her own cleverly concealed in her water bottle! It’s a little less than half full and it saved me money to boot! If only I’d just stuck with what I brought. >.<

Note: drinking wine from a straw makes you drink it a heck of a lot faster than when you can sip it from a glass. I got way drunk way too fast.

Drunk-me ordered not very good nachos and (turns out they do have wine!) a mini bottle of merlot. I didn’t eat too many of the nachos, in fact I totally could have not had any they were so bad, but by the end I was trying to sober up fast so nachos were consumed. Sorry these went unpictured but the lighting was terrible in there.


So how did the actual bowling go? I got over 60 on both games!!! I am a terrible bowler so I am really proud of that. ^_^ (Since I was all gamer nostalgic yesterday, we all used our gamer names. Mine is “Minthe”!)

Anyway there will be a real post tonight and I am taking a not drinking vow for at least the weekend. =P


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