Sweet Bliss


I am trying not to buy any groceries over the next two weeks since I am moving on the 3rd, but I had my dad grab me a quart of milk last night. Why? Because I had the need for some ice cold cereal! Mix of Kashi Golean Crunch and Peanut Butter Granola plus ground flax, fresh strawberries, and a sprinkle of dried fruit. Delicious!

I thought about being lazy today. Hell I thought about putting working out off until we move, but then I reminded myself that this isn’t a chore. This is something I love to do! So I got on my bike and biked for 60 minutes. Definitely not the fastest I’ve ever been but I was just glad I finished. It was hard!

Then it was on to some errands.


One of which was cleaning out my locker at the pool. =( I was a little nostalgic that today was the last time I’d ever step foot in the locker room that embraced me and helped me through a really hard time in my life. It never mattered there that my love life was in shambles; the water always embraced me and calmed me with it’s silence.


Next stop: the mall to do a few things (yay free panty) and grab some lunch with Chase. Noodle Express tofu teriyaki bowl! I ate about half (mostly all the veggies) and saved the rest for dinner. That’s the main thing I like about these bowls. Two meals for the price of one!


At work around 4pm I started to get a bit hungry. I thought about slipping into the chocolate covered fruit things we’ve had since the holiday season but instead I reached in my purse and grabbed the healthy snack I’ve been toting around for a few days. Granny Smith apple! Not going to lie. It wasn’t the best apple, but it filled me up and kept me away from the chocolate! It was also huge so I didn’t eat it all..


Which made me ravenous for dinner around 6pm! Leftover rice bowl plus sautéed Brussels sprouts and broccoli. ❤ With my favorite owl chopsticks.

And then I did something I rarely do on a weekday: went out for drinks! It is my best friend, Ashton’s 23rd birthday today so of course I had to get her some happiness in a glass.


We started with a special “shot” of White Gummy Bear. How can they call this a “shot”? It was huge! It tasted pretty good but it was most definitely vodka which I am not the biggest lover of.


So then I went back to my all time favorite drink. Woot wine! This glass was “Rim Rock Sweet Bliss” out of Washington and man was it bliss! It was smooth and probably the sweetest red I’ve ever drank.


Of course the stupid girls next to us had to order the best smelling vegetarian nachos ever. We couldn’t resist. It was her birthday after all! We immediately ordered our own ‘personal size” plate. And got this mountain instead! Together, we hardly dented 1/4th of it. It was amazing though. (Sorry for crap photo….)

I had a great time catching up with Ashton and just chatting like old times. I’m really going to miss her when I leave for Seattle. Hopefully our friendship will stay strong through and through.

Have a good night everyone! (And Happy Birthday, Ashton!)


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