Finishing Up

Boy am I glad to be home! It only took us 9 hours to get back to Missoula, MT today. Compared to the 12 hours it took us to get there this was a fast trip! Now that I’m back home I’m chugging full speed ahead on: saying goodbye to friends, packing up all my stuff, working as much as I can, and preparing for a new life on the West Coast!


My morning started with a bursting with flavor fruit plate! Banana and banana peanut butter(yay utensils!) plus some sweet sweet strawberries. ❤ While extremely tasty, I became hungry again very early today. Big surprise right?


We hit the road at 9am pst and were thankful for the clear and dry roads! The only funny weather was the dense fog along the border of Oregon and up into the tricities.


Around 11am I was starving. I snacked on some Blue Corn Flaxseed tortilla chips but then decided to give in and just have lunch. Luckily I had leftovers at my figure tips! This was the house-made veggie burger from Rams with some added BBQ sauce. Unfortunately, there was only a small wedge of actual burger inside that giant bun! Not OK. I ended up just eating the burger bite with some of the vegetables and tossing the dry bread.


Obviously this didn’t hold me over. Around 3pm I dug into my leftover amazing phad see Iew. Again, only a tiny bit left in there and it was cold but still delicious!


I was completely starving for dinner around 7:30pm. I walked in the door and immediately went to the fridge in the hopes that I still had leftover butternut squash and cranberry maple millet in there. Score! I did. I quickly sautéed some Brussels sprouts in EVOO, mixed the two together, and scarfed it down. Did I burn my tongue? Maybe, but it was worth it. >.>

Now I’m just trying to pack things up and figure out what I need to get done this week. I have snacked on some more Blue Corn Flaxseed chips to be honest and a cup of hot cocoa. I’m not sure if it’s hunger or stress or what…but I am going to go brush my teeth right now!

Have a good night everyone!


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