Apartment Hunting Day 1

Today has been a productive day! I am no longer too worried about finding a place to move to because we found a great apartment today!!


We started off in Vancouver, WA though with a measly breakfast of a banana with some banana peanut butter. All three of us (Chase, Mark, and Me) all jumped in Mark’s truck and drove for 2 1/2 hours to Seattle!


During those hours I got hungry again and snacked on some PB&J trail mix I picked up at Costco! There are some bites that taste exactly like PB&J without the awful bread! But overall, there are not enough nuts in it! I got a feeling I’ll be using a lot of the dried fruit in oatmeal.

The roads are treacherous in Seattle right now. I am so glad we are driving around in Mark’s big four-wheel drive truck. They are so bad that when we got to the first apartment appointment of the day it was closed due to the staff not being able to get in!


So we went and grabbed some “brunch” while we waited for them to get there. Thanks to Yelp, we ended up at the Brown Bag Café. It had a cute rustic décor but I wasn’t too impressed with the food. I got their soup, salad, and bread combo with vegetable rice soup, salad with French dressing, and rye bread. I ate about 2/3rds of the soup and it was nothing to write home about. I also ate the whole salad because I was craving veggies. The bread I took one bite of and shoved it to the side. It’s “home-made” but it was as tasteless as balloon bread.

It was all okay though since it did warm me up (big plus) and I wasn’t very hungry.


After “brunch” we went back to Totem Lake Apartments and I am so glad we did because I am in love with it! Seriously, I have my part of the application filled out already and already plan on dropping it off tomorrow after we go to the last three appointments. Their one bedrooms are small but still feel open due to the lighting. It’s cozy! I love the kitchens and it was just totally a place I could see me, my babies, and Chase living!

We saw two other apartment complexes today as well but one of them was really on the shitty side and the other one was just so-so. I don’t think we need to apply at either of them.

Around 7pm I was starving (absolutely starving!!) for dinner! Mark really wanted to go to Ram Restaurant & Brewery so off we went using my trusty smartphone GPS.


I started off with a House Lime Margarita on the rocks. Love margaritas! I ended up drinking this one plus another half of one. I ordered second one while rather tipsy. After drinking half though I knew I’d had too much so I had Chase finish it.


For dinner I was very excited to try: The All Natural Veggie Burger! House-made with bulgur wheat, onion, rolled oats, pinto bean, grated cheese, soy sauce and garlic. Topped with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, daikon radish sprouts on whole wheat bun. I love trying home made veggie burgers. This one was good but needed some ketchup for more flavor. I ended up eating half and eating most of my waffle fries and the onion ring Chase gave me. ^_^

Now we’re just hanging out in our super cheap Travelodge motel, staying warm, and munching on M&M’s. I can’t wait to get this application in and moving into my dream apartment started!



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