12 Hour Road Trip

Good morning from Vancouver WA!  Chase I drove for 12 hours yesterday and made it through the snow storm! It took 4 extra hours but totally worth it. Let me start at the beginning.


I woke up bright and early since I was determined to at least start the day off right. With vegetables of course! I made scrambled eggs with one egg, steamer broccoli, and the last of the Cheddar cheese! That’s right I found some buried in the fridge! The cheese totally makes scrambled eggs for me. I also enjoyed a toasted English muffin with Tofutti cream cheese and orangle marmalade on one, strawberry jam on the other. Love this savory breakfast!

Next up on starting a travel day off right: exercise! One hour of stationary biking later and I was ready for me adventure.


We drove.


Got cheap sugary gas station “Butter Rum Cappuccino” diluted with black coffee and did crossword puzzles…


And drove some more! Once we got over the last pass it was time for lunch.


We ended up at the Fedora Pub and Grille due to some help from my Yelp app.


It had a great 1950s atmosphere!


And even their pay phone was in on it. Unfortunately their service was super slow and inaccurate. It took us 30 mintutes to get our food which was strange since the restaurant was empty. Chase had to send is burger bun back to get the Mayo removed and they charged us for a soda I never ordered.



I ate half and all the fries. The sandwich was decent and the fries outstanding. Chase said “Red Robin’s burgers are better” though.  I learned my lesson to look at the rating on Yelp and not just the location!


M&Ms were enjoyed during the next 9 hours on the road. Speaking of roads, the moment we passes in to Oregon they were completely clear! We kind of


For dinner I had a few handfuls of these Target brand Blue Corn Flaxseee chips! They were tasty and salty.

We made it to our destination, chatted with Chase’s friend Mark, and went to bed!


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