That’s how my day felt today. It started off really great.


I’m always happy with my Hawaiian oats: oatmeal with orange marmalade, coconut, raisins, and macadamia nuts.

I then happily rode my stationary bike for 60 full minutes, 16.2 miles. I was happy with that. It felt like a real workout finally.


Next up I met my best friend, Ashton, for lunch with her baby girl, Neea. It was so great to see them again. =) She just moved back to Missoula yesterday so I should get to see more of her before I move to Seattle for good. Nee has gotten so big!


While I held the squirmy Neea-chan, we got caught up on each other’s lives and sipped Starbucks coffee. ❤ Today I made the realization that cappuccinos just aren’t that great with non-fat milk. I decided to go 2% instead and it made all the difference! I had to get a tall since this ‘Bucks failed and didn’t have shorts. I managed to drink it all though!


For actual food we ended up at the Barnes and Nobel Café where I had a hot sandwich with roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto, and the most delicious bread. I ate half of it and had a few of Ashton’s chips. I can make a whole other meal with these leftovers baby! I’m all for saving money.


Alas I had to leave Ashton and head to work and eventually that is where the mood flipped to the opposite pole. I got hungry again around 3pm but I expected this so had some sautéed Brussels sprouts ready to eat for a healthy snack.

I don’t really want to go into the why of why my mood changed but lets just say I now have puffy eyes that feel like I took a blade to them, a very stuffy nose, and a headache that won’t quit.


Even though I didn’t feel up for it, I still went to my sister’s farewell dinner at, you guessed it, The Mustard Seed. Our favorite. My sister, her best friend Jess, and my dad had already ordered a bottle of wine so I partook of it with a small glass. Pino noir is really growing on me.


We shared an appetizer of Smoked Salmon Tacos. They tasted like sushi stuffed into a delicious fried shell. It was really good but I’m glad I didn’t order it as my entrée like I was thinking about. Way too light.


Instead I went with my tried and true favorite salad, Tofu Teriyaki. I ate every bite.


And still had room for a few bites of dessert! The five of us split this cheesecake with raspberry mouse and chocolate cake platform…


…and the huckleberry tart. I had just a bite of the tart but it was way too sweet for me. Instead I stuck to the cheesecake which I never have due to Chase’s hatred of cream cheese!

This was probably the last time we’ll be eating at one of our favorite eatery’s in Missoula, so I’m glad we let it go out with a bang!

Anyway I have a headache to nurse and a cold cloth for my eyes. I hope you all had a more consistent day then I did. It just hits you so much harder when you think everything is going great and then suddenly it’s going the completely opposite. =/ Such is life. I am ready to start a new one.

P.S. If there are any Seattle area readers out there do you have any suggestions for must-see places?


21 thoughts on “Bipolar

  1. Hi Robyn,

    In Seattle you gotta to the museum of science fiction & music…probably not the correct name. It was really cool.

    Restaurant wise the pink door is cool & funky. There is also a night spot called the double door, Glo & I liked it there. Good food, music & I hear the drinks were good.


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