The Ranch Club

Bleh. I woke up this morning feeling like I was hit with a bus. A bus named Whitney! I had the worst night of sleep last night due to my sister coming home around 4pm from a birthday party drunk and talking on the phone really loudly. Her alarms then began to repeatedly go off starting at 6am and continuing until 8:30am.  -_- None of them woke her but they sure woke me.

When I walked in the kitchen to make breakfast my dad and I shared a look. She really has an exceptionally loud voice!


For breakfast I felt like something savory. So I made scrambled eggs with 2 eggs, steamed spinach, and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. On the side I had a toasted English muffin with Tofutti cream cheese and orange marmalade. Mmmm! I’m really loving eggs.


Due to my bus accident I was really not feeling a hardcore cardio workout. I knew I needed to do something today though! So I talked myself in to giving my dad’s rowing machine a try! I did a solid 20 minutes while listening to my audio book and went away with 4 blisters on my hands. >.< Damn.


Only slightly sweaty, I added in some arm weights, foam rolling, and stretching. It felt good! I’d say I’m taking the cautious approach to getting back to daily hard workouts. ~.^


Still trying to finish up random frozen and bulk foods before we move, I decided to eat the last of my Quorn Chik’n Nuggets (drizzled with honey and Bragg’s liquid Aminos), some left over roasted acorn squash, and some butternut squash and cranberry millet! Mm mmm good! So much better than McDonald’s.


Around 3 o’clock I was having a serious sweet baked good craving. I almost convinced my sister to walk with me to Starbucks to indulge but instead I went with a smarter and cheaper option. Glass of skim milk with a toasted slice of whole wheat bread slathered in some banana peanut butter and chocolate chips. It did the trick and the nut butter and carbohydrates kept me satisfied.

Satisfied for a HUGE meal tonight at: The Ranch Club curtsey of my lovely mother with her boyfriend, Dave!


We started with some fresh sourdough bread with dipping oil. We all know I hate bread but add a delicious oil and I’m hooked. I managed to stick with one piece though.


As you can tell the lighting in this place was horrendous. I even ended up trying a flash at one point but it looked even worse so please bare with me. This delicious glass of wine was a Syrah, Andrew Will, “Annie Camarda” from Vashon, WA. It was really really good. Totally worth it and the best part of my experience at The Ranch Club.


For a starter my mum and I split a roasted root vegetables salad: mixed greens, pumpkin seeds, avocado, orange balsamic vinaigrette. It was just so-so in my opinion. Really healthy and it tasted that way.


When I called and made reservations at this restaurant I asked if having a vegetarian there was going to be a problem. They assured me that they had lots of options. Sadly, they lied. They must think all vegetarians only eat salad (still there was only 2 they could choose from). I ended up giving their appetizer autumnal risotto (fall squash, Brussels sprouts, shaved pecorino, chive oil) a try. One taste and I knew it was made with chicken stock. =/ I knew there was absolutely nothing else to eat though so I took one for the team and ate half. The best part was the cheese shaved on top, such saltiness!


After dinner we all enjoyed a lovely cup of decaf coffee! (P.S. I need these plates) I loved that they gave you a little treat with your coffee but the biscotti was actually not very good. I gave mine to Dave and drank my cup with some cream and sugar.


Like true foodies, the four of us ordered two desserts to share. This chocolate brioche with maple ice cream and a vanilla whiskey cream was amazing!


The carrot cake with ginger and orange sorbet and a mascarpone cream filling was not my favorite though. The first bite was amazing, but then you realized that as a carrot cake it was way too overpowering and sweet. My mother loved it though!

Overall, I don’t think I’d come back to The Ranch Club. I was really disappointed with their “vegetarian options” and it really bugs me that they assured me that they had a lot of them. They do have good drinks (wine and coffee) and great desserts though. 

Here’s to a short work week!


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