Kitten Mountain

I set my alarm at Chase’s so I would not fall into the trap that is his window-less room again! So I was happily up at 9:30am and eating breakfast by 10 this morning.


I’m also really glad I pack and tote a lot of my own meals when I hang out at Chase’s. It makes making healthy choices a lot easier plus I know I have something I like! This morning’s breakfast was 1/2 cup Kashi Golean Crunch, 1/4 cup Nature’s Path PB Granola, ground flax, thawed frozen blueberries, and skim milk! Delicious. Is it wrong that the milk is my favorite part?

We took it really lazy today. We sat around playing video games, watching How I Met Your Mother, and reading. It was enjoyable, but I also enjoy having plans on Saturday’s. I feel more productive. So that being said I made us some plans! But first…


Leftover Domino’s pizza for lunch!  I try to never go to Costco hungry and that’s exactly where we were headed. I had one regular sized piece and two tiny ones that in my opinion make a whole. =P

Costco is always fun (for those of us who love to grocery shop!) but Chase and I did a pretty decent job of sticking to our list and not buying excess like Costco Muffins or huge bags of chips. We did grab a few fun items for our upcoming road trip but nothing completely splurgie.


A few more errands were done around the Costco area and I also decided to give Vitamin Water Zero another try. It used to be sweetened with Splenda that makes me really sick (and has a bad taste) but I was happy to see that they have changed sweeteners to Truvia. I figured I could give it a shot for $1. Definitely cheaper than the Starbucks I was going to get…

To be honest it still has a slight after taste that I’m not bonkers over but it’s still much better than the Splenda taste! I drank about 1/3 and saved the rest for later.


I went home for dinner tonight because I was in the mood to cook! I’ve had cut up butternut squash in my fridge for over a week now and tonight I was doing something with it! I made Emily’s Butternut Squash and Cranberry Maple Millet back in October and since I’m trying to use up the various bags of grains I’ve accumulated and the fact that I freaking loved this recipe I made it again tonight.

I doubled the butternut squash, only used ~1 cup of millet, and halved the dressing and to be honest I think it turned out even better this time.

For dinner I had two slices of tempeh, a huge heaping serving of the millet, and a little salad of spinach, avocado, tomato, and the very very last of my cherry balsamic. It was a delicious meal!


Ophie-chan got comfy on my lap while we watched The Office and waited for my food to digest.


She was quickly displaced by her brother wanting the best seat in the house, however. Look at that smug face! He just jumped up and sat on her. >.<

For dessert I had a baggie of trail mix containting: almonds, cashews, dried blueberries, cranberries, and white chocolate chips. What can I say, I had a sudden chocolate craving and I always love nuts!

After watching TV for a bit I decided I was going to get my butt in gear and get in my daily workout. However, I laid down on my bed for one minute…


..and was quickly claimed as “Kitten Mountain”. Giving into the cuteness I planned my morning workout in my head for tomorrow and let them snuggle me. ^_^


While writing this post I enjoyed a mug of hot cocoa to warm me up! Did I mention the weather has gone south here? >.< Stupid snow.

What do you think of Truvia?


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