One Long Week

So it’s not even 9am and I am feeling like heading to bed. Yes I am an old lady! Of course I won’t, but I’d sure like to.

I woke up super early this morning to get sweaty on my stationary bike! I ended up only doing 45 minutes ~12 miles. Yes I went slow since it was my first real workout in about 2 weeks, and sadly, my knee is still already acting up. It was rough. Turns out I need to eat breakfast before biking or I’m not hydrated enough. I can’t just drink water before because that makes me soo cold that I won’t workout. (My bike has those big fan wheels). Lesson learned.


My sister and I had a Tammy emergency this morning (Tammy had a few fatty tumors removed a few days ago) since we were pretty sure her stitches had become infected and she couldn’t stop shaking. So instead of having a sit down breakfast I dumped my plain oats in a Tupperware, topped them with fresh raspberries, caramel peanut butter, and a smidge of lemon curd and ate them at my desk while I worked later. Delicious but slightly cold.


And then it was Friday! Yay for the weekend! I had lunch at Chase’s place and since I had no leftovers to bring it was very measly. One super freezer-burnt Morningstar Farm’s Corn Dog, leftover roasted acorn squash, BBQ sauce, and 1/2 an orange. Yeah I doubt this meal was even 300 kcals.


So two hours later I was famished! I ended up munching on these Hershey’s Kisses, some Reduced Fat Ritz crackers, and some leftover low fat popcorn.


Eventually around 7pm it was late enough for dinner!!! Chase got us Domino’s Pizza. My medium had olives (are they a fruit?) and green peppers and was soo perfect in my very hungry belly. I also had a mug of some leftover champagne from New Year’s Eve. Those bottles have impressive corks! We didn’t think it was still going to be bubbly, but it was!

Man this week was long and stressful. I am so glad it’s over! This weekend I intend to take it easy playing video games, reading books, sleeping, exercising (not hardcore), cooking, and getting ready for my Seattle roadtrip!

Have a wonderful Friday night!


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