War Horse

Gods we are soo close to the weekend. I am soo ready for it. This week was very long and very tiring.


I woke up this morning and made myself a batch of banana oats topped with the other half of the banana, banana peanut butter, and 2 tbsp of trail mix. I love how oats make my insides warm and fill me up for hours!

To be honest, I was going to get on my stationary bike and get in my first good sweaty workout of the entire year! Yes being sick since xmas and having LASIK eye surgery put a big dent in my workout schedule. But Win my sister crawled into my bad and wanted to chat and cuddle I knew I couldn’t turn her down. She’s going to be done before I know it! So..no workout today. =/ There’s always tomorrow!


For lunch I put together some crackers and cheddar cheese, curried acorn squash and roasted apple soup (mixed with some grains for more texture), and half a small grapefruit. I ended up only eating the crackers and grapefruit. The soup just really was a miss today. My sister really liked it though!


Due to my tiny lunch around 3pm I was suddenly famished. I made myself a cup of “coffee” (more on this “coffee” another day) and luckily had a Cherry Pie Larabar stuffed in my purse. I was going to just grin and bare it since I had a special dinner planned tonight, but I knew going out to dinner ready to eat a napkin would not help me make smart choices.


I am glad I did because I think dinner went splendidly! My mum, Win, Chase and I all met at Nara for their $1 Sushi Night! We started (as always) with their sunomono salad to get in some vegetables!


And then the sushi began! I decided to take pictures of my actual plates to really capture how much I ate. 2 tamago (sweetened egg), 1 inari (fried tofu pocket), 2 tempura vegetable, 2 California, 1 radish, and one 1 salmon bagel. Delicious! Oh plus a glass of Layer Cake Shiraz. ^_^


For dessert we walked over to Coldstone Creamery and Chase and I split a small white chocolate with black cherries. It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.


And then we all went and saw the movie War Horse! Win and I decided we’d give it a D. =/ It was just too staged and too corny. It did remind me that I want a horse though. I also enjoyed it from a historical standpoint. WWI isn’t talked about much anymore.

Anyway I am getting up bright and early tomorrow to get in my first sweaty workout of the year for sure! Have a good night!


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