Don’t you just hate it when what you’ve decided you want for breakfast is impossible to have? As in, the pumpkin you’ve had in the fridge for a few too many weeks has gone bad!! I can never finish a full can on time >.< There was only about 1/2 cup left but still. I hate throwing away food.


So instead I had Greek yogurt, Kashi Golean Crunch, ground flax, caramel peanut butter, fresh raspberries, and a drizzle of TJ’s lemon curd! Holy yum. I loved it. It helped me forget about my pumpkin woes!


Next up my sister and I went out for our daily walk and boy was it cold! There was apparently a freezing fog warning that we missed. We could hardly see and our breath froze on our hair making us look about 50 years older.


We did a 64 minutes, 3.31 miles. A lot slower than normal due to the huge cut I somehow got on the back of my left ankle which made me have to limp around! My sock was soaked with frozen blood when we got home. >.<


For lunch I made scrambled egg with kale and cheddar cheese, toasted English muffin with Tofutti cream cheese and orange marmalade, and half a small grapefruit to clean my pallet. It was delicious but not that filling. I snacked on some rice crackers with peanuts afterwards.


At work around 5pm I had very suddenly stomach pains. Not really sure what they were from but they hurt like crazy. I had to take a break and eat my banana and a few chocolate covered cherries. The pain didn’t go away until I got home and ate dinner.


Dinner was simple and delicious. I cooked up some TJ’s Winter Grain mix, sautéed some Brussels sprouts, and heated through some tempeh. My soup I already had prepared just didn’t sound like it would help my stomach pains. While this food cooked I ended up snacking on a few crackers and cheese as well.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday night. Chase and I are working on pinning down the apartment complexes I’m going to call and schedule appointments with tomorrow. We have 11 and are sticking to the Kenmore/Bothell/Kirkland area. Can’t wait for our trip over there next week!

Have a good night!

Any readers from Seattle? Have any advice on the area?


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