Forge Ahead

Did everyone have a nice Sunday? I sure did and I am actually looking forward to getting back into a routine this coming week. I actually miss working and making money!


I knew exactly what I wanted for breakfast today. A huge bowl of Love Crunch Granola with banana, ground flax, and ice cold milk. It was perfection. I am going to miss this granola but it is just too good for this lowly human to resist.


While I ate I worked on putting together a “Seattle Roadtrip” playlist! Yes that’s right. Chase and I are driving to Seattle next week for a week of apartment hunting and getting to know the area before we move there early February. We’ve both been instructed to make 6 hour playlists! It is going to be a long drive. I hope the roads stay nice like they were for my drive to Spokane last week.


After showering I felt like snacking so I quickly put on my snow boots (it snowed last night >.<) and bundled up for my daily walk. I did exactly 3.69 miles in 1 hour while listening to The Girl Who Played With Fire on my iTouch. I got it from a free trial with since I wasn’t sure how quickly my eyeballs would recover after LASIK. I’m enjoying listening to it while I walk!


Around 1pm I was ready for lunch! I heated up a big bowl of Holly’s Curried Acorn Squash and Roasted Apple Soup with a dollop of Greek yogurt, half a grapefruit (I thought it was an orange!) and two inarizushi. It was delicious and filling but I feel like the soup needs a little something. I think I may have just skimped on the salt.

You may have noticed but I am completely loving soups and salads lately! I always go through this phase this time of year. ^_^ I embrace it with open arms since soup is such a wonderful way to make you warm and get in your veggies!


The kittens had an enjoyable and relaxing Sunday too.


The only one who couldn’t get comfortable was Vinni but the girls didn’t care. They snoozed all day long!


Tonight dinner was had with lovely company! My mother took my sister and I out to our favorite restaurant. Yeah you may have guessed it since I eat here about 2x a month…The Mustard Seed!


I got what I always get: Teriyaki Tofu Salad with some green tea. ❤ perfection. I ate the whole thing plus the roll!


For dessert we shared this Caramel Fudge Truffle Torte. It was rich and creamy and while we may not have absolutely loved it, it was yummy.


We also got fortunes from our cookies and I was very excited to read mine. Chase and I began looking at apartments online last night so I think this speaking to that! I’m going to start making appointments to see the places tomorrow so when we arrive next week everything will be all set up!


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