I’m starting to love Friday’s more than I already did. Why? Because it’s so awesome to be  done with my day at 12:30am! If I could, I would work all mornings. That way by midday I’d have my workout and my work done! It’s funny I never thought I’d be a morning person.

Seriously, in middle school I told my friends that if they called me before noon I’d be ticked!


Since I stayed over at Chase’s last night, I had my breakfast ready to eat before work since there would be no early morning swim this week. The original American breakfast: cereal! Nature’s Path Optimum Slim cereal, a sprinkle of almonds and craisins, and a banana with the last of my skim milk to be exact. It was perfect. And it surprisingly kept me full through the whole morning! I seriously am impressed with this cereal.

My mother (the optometrist) checked out my eyes again to see how they were recovering from LASIK. I can happily report that they look 100x better than yesterday but I am still on a strict drop regiment.


At 1pm I convinced Chase to get in my daily walk with me from his place to the downtown area where we would find lunch! It was brisk and beautiful out. =) I accidently cleared the data of our walk the way there, but I made sure to record it on the way back. Sooo taking it all times 2 my walk was: 1 hour 16 minutes, 3.44 miles!


We ended up at Bridge Pizza but instead of getting a slice of their amazing pizza goodness, I opted for a bowl of chunky tomato soup and a breadstick! It was delicious! I expected it to be pretty basic tomato soup and that’s why I got a breadstick to help fill me up but it was beyond that! I keep finding that The Bridge makes everything amazing!


On the walk home, I stopped inside a City Brew Coffee for the first time. I ordered a short (wow their “short” is apparently Starbuck’s “tall”?) nonfat latte with one pump caramel pecan syrup. It was not my favorite. Anyone else find their coffee to be very weak in flavor? It tasted like milky water. I hardly drank 1/3rd of it.

For the rest of the day, we took it easy playing video games and putting drops in my eyes. ^_^ Yay Friday!

Around 5pm I rushed home because the sun was going down. It’s very hard for me to drive at night right now since all the lights have halos around them and it makes the whole street very bright.


When I got in the house I realized I was starving!! I could not wait over an hour to cook my soup for dinner! I scarfed down a baggie of 2 Tbsps of TJ’s trail mix….and started picking at over things too like crackers and cheese.

It was then I decided I couldn’t wait.

So I threw together a salad that in theory should have been good. Spinach, mango, salted salmon, avocado, sunflower seeds, and my new balsamic:


Passion fruit balsamic!

However, together this mixture didn’t work for me. I like the salmon by itself but put it with other things than rice and it suddenly tastes very very fishy. I ended up eating most of the veggies and fruit and leaving the salmon.


Since my salad was hardly filling I also had a bowl of 1/2 cup Greek yogurt with a 1/2 cup of my awesome find at Costco: Nature’s Path Love Crunch Granola! I saw this last year and really wanted to try it! It is beyond amazing. Seriously, I don’t think I will buy it again. It’s that good.

Once fed, I was able to finish roasting and finishing my soup. I’ll tell you more about it when I eat it tomorrow!


Eventually it was time to sit in bed with my babies, watch LOST (finally on the last season), and munch on original TV watching snacks. Half a bag of low-fat popcorn and a few sweet gummy things.


A bit later I still was able to fit in a banana and peanut butter. Yeah I know I need to work on making more substantial meals and not letting myself get ravenous to stop this snacking! And for me, it’s really about preparation. I waited too long to make this soup. Now I have little portions ready to go. I just need to stay on top of that.

And here are my new brown eyes!


Or are they the originals?


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