It was amazing to open my eyes this morning and being able to see across the room first thing. It still felt a little off since the contact lense bandages were still on my eyes but I knew it was my eyes that were doing the seeing.


I was actually hungry for breakfast today! I decided on Optimum Slim cereal since I have skim milk I need to use up with banana, mangoes, peanuts, ground flax, and a few dried cherries.

Vincent always loves it when I have cereal since he gets to lick the bowl. ❤


It was super windy and stormy out today, but I decided I still wanted to get in some physical activity.


Luckily I had my sunglasses on that blocked not only the sun but the wind from getting in my eyes!


I walked for an hour and felt good about it. It was really rough walking into the wind!


For lunch I made some scrambled eggs with two jumbo eggs and some cheddar cheese. Plus I mixed in some steamed Brussel sprouts for my veggie. Jumbo eggs are pretty damn big though so I ended up only eating half of this! I’m really trying to listen to my hunger cues. All the mangoes and 2 tbsp of trail mix were enjoyed though. ^^

After lunch my sister and I headed off to Costco and The Good Food Store for some groceries! We did a pretty good job at sticking to our list, but there were a few extra items picked up that I’m sure will end up on this blog shortly. ~.^ I just love food shopping!


Around 3pm, while we were at the GFS, I decided to cash in my free smoothie punch card for a Cranberry Craze. Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, cranberry juice and nonfat vanilla yogurt with echinacea. Win and I split it while we headed to our eye appointments!

My eyes are doing alright but they have some bruising so I am now on a strict every-30-minutes-eye-drops routine! Hopefully they will look at lot better at my appointment tomorrow. .


My grocery shopping today was very purposeful. I have a lot of ingredients on hand that I need to use up before we move or just before they go bad! So tonight I tried making Sweet Potato Dumpling Soup for dinner. It’s a recipe from my Clean Eating Magazine and let me just say it completely failed. It was hard to put together and the dumplings tasted terrible.

I tried to eat what I brought over to Chase’s but I ended up just picking out the purple kale and dumping the rest.


And eating my banana and an unpictured 1/4 cup of trail mix. I was really saddened by my fail soup!


Of course, since I pretty much threw away my dinner, I got really hungry around 8pm. So Chase and I went and got me some new soup! Broccoli and Cheddar from Quiznos! Yeah it’s not the healthiest soup but at least it was edible! I enjoyed it with some crackers and a few cough drops. ❤

Slowly, I am getting better both sick wise and eye wise! Plus I am doing a better job at listening to my hunger cues. A good start to a new year in my opinion!


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