I Can See!

Well I have officially gone through LASIK eye surgery and can happily tell you all that I can now see without the assistance of contacts or glasses! It’s amazing what technology can do for us.

Even with all the excitement I still managed to take food photos for today!


Complimentary breakfast at our hotel: granola with fresh fruit and vanilla yogurt. Felt soo good on my parched and aching throat!


A wee bit of coffee while we waited in the lobby of the Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute. This was my only photo in the clinic mainly because they had no cellphone signs everywhere! I wish I’d had my mom sneak one of me getting surgery though! It was sooo quick. Less than 5 minutes.


After surgery we were right back in the car starting our trek home to Montana! My mom got hungry for lunch pretty quick though so we stopped in Post Falls for lunch at this cute breakfast house.


I wasn’t really hungry but since I had to continually put drops in my eyes on the drive home I knew I needed to stay awake. So what better way than with an Austrian Coffee! It was delicious with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg.


For lunch I ordered a bowl of Butternut Squash soup. It was awful though. Like baby food. Blended squash with no added spices, so it seemed. The garlic toast was really tasty though so I ate that and had a few spoonful’s like a good baby.


Since it was our first time at this establishment, our sweet waitress brought us a complimentary cinnamon roll with caramel pecan and cream cheese frosting toppings! Of course we couldn’t turn down a free dessert so we split this bad boy. It was warm and delicious but I am not much of a cinnamon roll fan. Too sweet.


Once we made it safe and sound back to Missoula, MT, I heated up the last of my New Year’s Eve’s Chinese tofu with steamed veggies. Loved it. Chase and I will have to find a new favorite Chinese place in Seattle!


Shortly after dinner though I found myself still unsatisfied. I have milk in the fridge that really needs to be drunk so I decided on a small bowl of Kashi Golean Crunch with ground flax and fresh mangos. Yum!! I know what I’m having for breakfast…


Later I got hungry yet again. Well actually I lie. I still feel very disconnected with my appetite. I haven’t felt hunger all day. Now a normal person would take this as a good thing and not eat but apparently I’m stupid and take it as a sign to just eat! Must work on that tomorrow! But anyway, my sister and I plowed through half this bag of Trader Joe’s trail  mix….yeah. Didn’t feel a thing! >.<

Have a goodnight everyone!


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