I woke up this morning with a burning determination to be feeling well enough that I could get in some hard sweaty cardio on my bike today. Unfortunately, my body needs more than just determination to get better. =( I know when I have problems breathing just sitting in bed that the kind of workout I want is not a possibility.

So giving up that dream, I decided to really try to pay attention to my stomach today and only eat when it’s hungry. It wasn’t hungry at 8:30am so I went back to sleep (really trying to give my body all the energy I can to fight this off) until 11am!


I decided on a bowl of Nature’s Path Optimum Slim cereal with banana, blackberries, dried cherries, ground flax and peanuts. It was delicious and the ice cold milk felt so good on my aching throat.

Although I accepted that the hard workout I wanted was out, I still wanted to get my body moving today.


So I convinced my sister, Win (real name Whitney), to go on a walk with Tammy and me! It was chilly!


We did a good 4 miles though! Plus I got to try out my new RunKeeper app on my phone. It worked really well!


When we got back I was ready for a little lunch. But all I felt like was two little cups of this Trader Joe’s Raspberry trail mix. Perfection. One bag down! I will need to ration out the other bags more responsibly.


I was so chilled to the bone after the walk I just couldn’t warm up! Finally I decided I had to have a cup of hot chocolate to get the ice off my insides!


At 6 o’clock, we all met up at my mum’s “party house” for another family dinner. It started off with some mixed nut appetizers. (Yum. I love nuts.)


And a very small pour of a shiraz wine. I really didn’t feel like drinking tonight but my dad really wanted me to try this one. It was pretty decent.


Dinner was, yet again, enchiladas in honor of my sister missing them on Xmas eve. I ate about half of my vegetarian one, the whole salad, and most of the corn. I feel very disconnected with my appetite today. I wouldn’t say I’ve felt “hunger” all day.


I still enjoyed dessert though, of course. I had originally planned to make a none fail mango pie, but decided since it was the new year we could all do with a little healthier dessert. So instead we had fresh mangoes with vanilla ice cream. I thought it hit the spot!


After dinner we sat around playing more 5 Card Draw Poker (with poker chips instead of chocolate!) while sipping some decafe coffee with egg nog. Yes I think I am ready for all this holiday eating to be over with and get back to cleaner healthier food. I know I for one have a few pounds to use in the coming months!

Tomorrow I travel with my mother to Spokane, WA so that I will be there bright and early on Wednesday for my LASIK eye surgery! I am pretty excited to be able to wake up and be able to see without any device. I will try to blog from there but I am not sure on the internet situation quiet yet. Hopefully the surgery (it only takes 5 minutes?!) will go smoothly and I’ll be back in action before you know it.

Thanks for reading folks!


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