New Year’s Eve 2011

So my sister made it to Missoula, MT safe and sound last night! And she came baring gifts:


That’s right! Remember when I asked for more Trader Joe’s trail mixes? She remembered! I can’t wait to try all the new kinds!


I got up bright and early because we had a brunch date with my mother. Of course, I’ve learned my lesson and eat  a little something before we go since my mum is known for having food ready about an hour later than the time given! So I had a small amount of TJ’s Raspberry mix and a banana. Yum!


At 10:15am we arrived for brunch to find…it was ready! Surprised smile I was shocked and very impressed!


We had egg nog French toast, Dr. Praegar’s spinach pancakes, fried eggs, and some coffee with a splash of egg nog. It was pretty tasty, but I’m still not a big fan of bread so I didn’t love the French toast. Figures right? 

After a few hours with my mum, my sister  and I headed off to the mall to get in on some of the holiday sales! Our goal: find me some good new blouses! And that we did! I made out with 4 shirts, a jacket, and some other cheap xmas sale loot.


Around 2pm we found our blood sugar dropping. Win really wanted cheese fries but I knew that would just make us feel gross. So I suggested salads at Café Dolche! It was just what we needed. I had a full House salad (goat cheese, candied walnuts, pear, mixed greens, and a champagne vinaigrette), a slice of baguette, and we shared an almond Italian soda. It felt so good to eat such light and healthy food.

We were then able to finish shopping and grab some loot at Target as well. Eventually around 6pm Chase came over and he and I started our New Year’s Eve plans.


We really wanted it to be low-key this year. Just the two of us. Well the two of us plus: Egg rolls (2 veggie 2 meat)…..


…some General Tao Tofu, steamed green beans, and white rice….


…and add in three fluff balls of cuteness, the original Home Alone movie, and a comfy bed! It was really great just to be cozy, enjoying each other’s company.

After the movie we piled into the car and headed over to his place for some video game time!


Of course at midnight we hit pause and  broke open a bottle of bubbly (Andre Spumante, my favorite!) and toasted the new year.

It was perfect New Year’s Eve, just doing what we’ve always enjoyed together.


Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to an excellent 2012!


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