New Year’s Day Tradition

So my family’s New Year’s Day tradition is to make a whole lot of Japanese food..and eat! All. Day. Long. We never make sushi/onigiri other than New Year’s so it’s a really special treat that we take advantage of all day.


I started the morning off on the right foot though. I’d packed a leftover container of Greek yogurt with ground flax, a mushy banana, and some TJ’s trail mix. It was delicious and felt so good on my aching throat. Yeah in case you were wondering, I am still very sick. =(


Chase and I then headed back over to my dad’s house and gave the kittens their New Year’s present! I found this cute “Pastry Catnip Set” at Target yesterday on clearance for $1.49! Score. They each got one and loved them. Some even had bells inside!


And then we were quickly put to work making sushi!


Before noon we broke open a bottle of Montana Cherry wine. I had the little glass pictured and called it quits on alcohol today. I really don’t need the stuff. The cherry wine was interesting though. At first sip it was sweet but had a bitter/toned down taste at the end.


And now to show off our work!


This dish had inarizushi (fried tofu packets stuffed with rice), musubi (Hawaiian type sushi with spam), and one Hello Kitty (yes I have a mold!) rice ball.


Platter of mixed nuts, roasted sesame seaweed, rice cracker and peanut mix, and some fruit chocolates and strawberry candy.


And (what I mainly worked on) onigiri (rice balls)! These were filled with salted salmon (shizake) or tilapia cooked with sesame seeds and soy sauce. They were fun to make!


And then, it was time to eat!


My first plate of the day had a salmon and a tilapia onigiri, inarizushi, roasted seaweed, sunomono (vinegar cucumbers), and some rice cracker mix. The salted salmon turned out amazing! It tasted just like the onigiri I would eat in Japan. I couldn’t eat the tilapia ones though. It just was too fishy tasting. So I traded it for another inarizushi. I will always love these!


We took a break from eating to play with the kittens (one of my new year’s resolutions). Chase and I got them this tunnel for xmas and attached it to their IKEA house.


We spent quiet awhile trying to get them to go through it! Vinni is brave enough but Ophie says no way.


While we watched movies and played video games I snacked on another inarizushi, some unpictured crackers and cheese and nuts. Like I said, we graze all day. >.<


For dinner it was even more sushi. More inarizushi(!), sunomono, seaweed, and instead of making more salmon onigiri I just went straight for the salted salmon. It was delicious! Unpictured: another inarizushi >.> and some nachos…


For dessert around 9pm I was really craving dairy and trail mix. I ❤ skim milk almost as much as trail mix now.

I really help I’m well enough tomorrow to work some of this off!


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