A New Year

I can’t believe it’s already 2012. I remember when everyone was worried about Y2K and then midnight hit on New Year’s Eve 1999 and everything was fine and we were in a new century! And now 12 years have already passed. Yes I feel old!

Anyway I wanted to take the time to go over my resolutions from last year and set new ones for this one.

Resolutions for 2011

1. Read more (1 book/month) – I pretty much succeeded in this! I read at least one book (min 1 max 6!) a month except for the month of September due to my whole life being in an upheaval.

Hiawatha Trip 047

2. Keep workout schedule of 5+ days/week – This one varied but overall I’d say I did a pretty good job keeping physical activity a part of my daily life. I would have finished strong except I got this stupid cold! I am still coughing and sneezing up a storm…

new room 025

3. Keep cooking (new recipe every 2 weeks) – I am definitely still a cook. ^_^ I love to cook and try out a new recipe quiet often. It is definitely a change from previous years when I used to tell people all I could do was burn toast!


4. Take care of dogs (walk 1 per week) – At the beginning of 2011 I did a much better job of this since my dad was away on sabbatical. I walked Tammy and Spot once a week until Spring when I got caught up in Chemistry. In the Fall after Spots death I walked Tammy quiet a bit too and I plan to walk her more in the upcoming week while I can’t workout due to my surgery.

5. Clean Ronnie’s House – FAILED! I really really tried. I made huge improvements while he was out of the country but the moment chemistry started sucking up huge chunks of my day I just didn’t have the energy or time to continue. And of course once my dad came back the whole thing just went back to looking as it did before. I admit defeat and will now move and find my own place to keep nice. ^_^

Floating 012

6. Make 1 buddy in every class – I did succeed at this until last semester since it was my very last semester at the University and I just didn’t care to make friends to just leave them. I do feel like I am moving away with a lot more friends than I’d had the previous year. =)

7. Write Aki and practice Japanese – FAIL. I just had to get away from the bad memories and issues I’d taken home with me from Japan. I do practice the language in my head and in my dreams though. I can still understand a lot I just can’t respond.

8. Get job at The Good Food Store – FAIL. After my second interview with them did not get me a position I gave up wasting my energy for them. They base a lot of their hiring off of looks and stereotypes and since I don’t fit their granola mold and am heterosexual I will never get hired. I’ve accepted this and know that it is their loss.


9. Study > Games – Success! I find it hard to play any sort of video games when there is something I should be studying now! OH and p.s. I managed to get a B+ in my Cellular and Molecular Biology class!

10. When snow melts bike more – Failed. I did give it a try in the summer when I biked to the Farmer’s Market. It was a horrible experience though and I sweated buckets the entire trip not only because it was an intense workout (my breaks stuck in the on position) but because I was scared to death of all the cars. Missoula just is not a friendly biking town.

6/10 successes isn’t bad! That’s more than half! Now for my new resolutions…

2012 Resolutions

1. Learn how to use my camera in manual mode – I’m really excited to really learn how to shoot a camera. I’ve had it set on Auto mode for far too many years now. After seeing Ashley’s Photography 101 posts, I knew I should take the time to learn.

2. Physical activity 6+ days/ week – I love being active and I knew I want to keep it apart of my life. As soon as this flu goes away, my eyes have healed and it’s okay to sweat and swim again I’m getting right back on that horse!

3. Continue to cook new recipes – I think I have to take a different route with this one than I did last year. I think I need to cook two recipes a week but cut them both in half! I get so sick of eating the same thing everyday for a week that it pretty much ruins that recipe for me!

4. Be social – once Chase and I move to Seattle (in February!) I really need to give it my all to meet new people and make friends. I can be a real hermit so it would be really easy for me to meet absolutely no one, but I know I don’t want to live my life that way.

5. Continue to pursue nutrition career path – this is what I want to do with my life. I need to keep after it no matter how hard/long/difficult/expensive it’s going to be! If I want it bad enough I will succeed in the end!

6. Give attention to kittens for at least 1/2 hour everyday (and give hairball medicine) – my little fluff balls are my children. I need to treat them as such even when I’m super busy. It will make them happy and me as well!

What are your resolutions?


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