Xmas Eve 2011

I cannot believe it’s already xmas eve! This holiday season just went way too fast. I had so many festive things I wanted to do (ice skating, gingerbread house building, movie watching, ect) that I just never got around to. Oh well…I am thinking about continuing the holiday spirit even after it’s gone but Chase might now like that. He is such a Scrooge.

Xmas 001

I oddly enough woke up bright and early this morning at 7:30am. I immediately grabbed some breakfast. I had an open tiny container of Vanilla Silk Soy Milk in the fridge (from my holiday baking) that I didn’t want to waste so I had used it on a bowl of Nature’s Path Optimum Slim cereal topped with peanuts, dried cherries, and blackberries. I really dislike soy milk. It made it way too sweet so I did my best to eat the cereal and ignore the milk. On the side I had a small slice of strawberry bread my dad’s secretary baked for him. Yum!

Sorry for the crappy photo. It was really early meaning it was still super dark outside.

After eating the kittens beckoned me back in bed to read. But once in bed, I got extremely drowsing and ended up sleeping until 11:30am!?! I awoke as if from a nap: even more drowsy and bleh feeling than I’d started. Boo.

To get myself out of the funk I hopped on the bike and did 60 minutes of stationary biking. I really didn’t think I was going to make it since I felt so off. Any workout is better than no workout!

And then I found this cuteness on my bed…

Xmas 006

Yeah I turned around and my jaw basically dropped. It’s like they planned it. “Hey, I know what mom will freaking love. Snuggle me!”

Xmas 010

And then of course the sibling love went sour. >.< I love Vinni’s face.

Xmas 012

This is how much Dru cared about their cuteness.

Xmas 013

Trying to use up leftovers in the fridge I threw together a decent lunch. Lots of spinach and mixed greens topped with the leftover grilled salmon, blackberries, pineapple, dried cherries, pine nuts, and feta and drizzled with cherry balsamic! It was sooo much better with cheese and fruit. On the side I devoured the leftover fries from that night as well.


For a little sweet after I had a banana and peanut butter which was a much better choice than holiday sweets in my opinion. ❤

Eventually, it was time to head to Xmas eve dinner!


My mother made hew new house look lovely!


The fireplace is our favorite part.


To start we all sat about the fire and sipped wine. One of my favorites: Layer Cake Shiraz from Australia! Yum.


Eventually I convinced people we should eat. I was hungry!! None of us our HIspanic but somehow my dad’s delicious enchiladas have becoming an xmas tradition in my family. (Mine is filled with Boca crumbles instead of meat.) The enchiladas were enjoyed with a huge vegetable salad, Mexican rice, and refried beans. Devoured.


After dinner we started a new tradition: Xmas poker!!! (played with chocolate!) We all had fun playing 5 card draw and I found it to be a good lesson in restraint! No chocolate could be eaten while we played or we’d run out of pieces! I sipped on a coffee with eggnog and man was it yum.


Around 9pm it was time for dessert. We had apple pie from Costco with vanilla ice cream. You know what? I really don’t like pie unless I make it myself. They are always just way too sweet. =/ I ate it dutifully but I didn’t really enjoy it. Sorry mom!

Xmas 014

And now I’m back home and the kittens are begging Chase and I for an early gift! I think we’re going to break into my gift from my mother though…a new laptop! Surprised smile I am so excited!!

What are your xmas eve traditions?


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