I so was not ready to wake up this morning. In fact, when my alarm went off at 6:20am I had that wild moment of panic one gets when completely disoriented. What day is it?Where am I? And (most importantly) did Xmas already happen!?

Luckily I’m pretty smart and computed it was Friday and that I had a swimming pool to get to! I did snooze for 5 more minutes though…

Swimming was pretty great today. I got in a solid 60 minutes of lap swimming and even though my legs were super sore from all the biking I still got a good workout. Next week I am going to really really try to go to the pool everyday (minus Monday) since it may be the last week for awhile since my LASIK surgery will make me have to hold off until my eyes are healed.


I was famished when work began at 8:30am and devoured my breakfast of Fage 0% Blueberry Acai yogurt and a Apple Pie Larabar. Needless to say this wasn’t enough…


Around 11 I almost broke into some pumpkin bread but then decided to run out to my car and grab my banana I had lunch plans with. So much better than bread! Even though I just work mornings at work it was a long 4 hours. Seriously. It put me in a mood that carried over into the rest of my day..=/


I ate lunch at Chase’s house. I’d packed some leftover creamy avocado pasta and some steamed broccoli. Not really hearty enough for me…

We ended up having to go to Costco for pie ingredients for tomorrow so I munched on a lot of samples there. Being cranky because I’m hungry really doesn’t help me recover from a bad day at the office. =(


For dinner Chase treated me to something I never ever get but always want: Digiorno pizza! I absolutely love their crust but hate that they never ever have any veggie pizzas. The closest we could find was Spinach, Garlic, and Mushroom. I’ll take it! I ate three slices of this bad boy and enjoyed every bite.


Afterward we caught up on Chase’s advent calendar. ❤ Mine is still way behind!


When I got home to spend time with my babies around 9:30pm I decided to try out this cake pop my friend Jessi had bestowed on me a few days ago. Homemade!


It was red velvet and my very first cake pop ever! They are pretty tasty! I love that they are one-bite (ok they could be but I’m a nibbler) wonders of yumminess!


Just for cuteness I wanted to show off my baby cousin Raiden! Isn’t he the cutest!?

Okay now my own babies are demanding some attention. Have a good night everyone!


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