2011 Cookie Review

I realized that while I went on and on about how time consuming my holiday baking was, I never really went in depth about the actual taste of the goods! I’d like to give their creators their due by just doing this little review on each.

1.  Spiced Sweet Potato Blondies with Cranberries and White Chocolate by Healthy Food for Living


I’d never made blondies before and in fact, wasn’t really sure what a blondie pertained to. It turns out that it’s basically a “brownie” minus the chocolate. Sounds perfect to me! I really loved this recipe because it was easy and I had all the ingredients on hand. Plus it was delicious! Dense and chewy, yet not so gooey that you have to have a glass of milk to wash it down.

My favorite part about this bar were the little pockets of white chocolate yumminess that would burst in your mouth! My bars would have turned out vegan had I not decided to keep the white chocolate chips and these were definitely worth keeping.

2. Spiced Oatmeal Raisin Cookies by Daily Garnish


My dad had one request when I told him I was doing a lot of holiday baking: bake an oatmeal cookie! Oatmeal cookies have always been his favorite and for years he has been trying out recipe after recipe to find his favorite. Of course, I love oatmeal as well so I had no problem fulfilling his request.

I went with Emily’s recipe because I really wanted to a healthy vegan cookie that used pumpkin because 1. pumpkin is super healthy for you 2. I love pumpkin and 3. I have sooo much pumpkin I need to use up!

The cookie is rather crumbly but has a nice wholesome flavor and a chewy texture. My dad really likes them (but they may taste a bit too healthy for him). Overall I’d say a really good everyday cookie but next time I may go a little bit more decadent for my holiday cookies.

3. Vegan Pumpkin Molasses Cookies by The Healthy Everythingtarian


I love Holly’s pumpkin molasses cookies. I made them over the summer and devoured them in a flourish. So I already knew how easy to make they were and, more importantly, how scrumptious they tasted!

My favorite part about these morsels is that they (to me at least) they have the taste and smell of gingerbread cookies without all the cutting out hassle! I’ve always liked gingerbread but I’ve never made it because as cute as they are, to individual decorate each cookie just sounds like torture. I am just not that person. So I enjoy that I can get my “gingerbread” fix out of these simple and easy cookies.

4. Colorful Spiral Cookies by Sprinkle Bakes


As easy as Holly’s cookies were, these cookies were the exact opposite! I decided to do them because they looked so beautiful and I’d never done a sliced cookie before. Well turns out that was for a good reason. These cookies are hard!

The dough was very difficult to work with since there was so much butter and then once it had been refrigerated it was too stiff and dry to roll into logs. That dough and me went through an epic battle of struggling with each other, but I’d like to think I won in the end. They look semi-decent right?

I made these with peppermint extract and oh my goodness does it make for a tasty cookie. While these were baking in the oven (finally!) I vowed I would never make them again. However, after my baker’s taste test (required!) my mind struggled with myself. These are like heaven. Flaky and light they have the rich buttery goodness that you associate with the holiday season. Pure bliss.

They are rather delicate though so for that reason they are not going in my holiday baked good parcels to hand out. Instead I will be taking them to a Cookie Swap I will be attending this week!

5. Perfect Vegan Sugar Cookies by John&Kristie


These are my absolute favorite cookie of all time. Honestly. I have been making them every year for the holidays for at least 5 years now and they have never ever disappointed me.

I like my cookies “hard” instead of “chewy” and these are definitely not chewy. But I wouldn’t call them “hard” either. They have a moist delicate bite to them that just melts on your tongue.

I must say the almond flavored icing is my favorite part because it pairs so very nicely with the vanilla cookie. I smell these and I think of holiday lights, laughter, and that warm feeling deep inside that only the holidays can bring.

Just trust me on these ones and make them! I can’t give them enough praise.

Well I am so glad to have my holiday baking good and done with! Man was it a lot of work! I will never look at a box of homemade cookies from someone the same way again.

What did you bake this year?


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