Breakfast <3

I woke up with this huge plan to use up more of my sweet potato puree in my oatmeal.


However, as I liked the spoon of the plain oatmeal, I suddenly found myself in love with its flavor! It was so plain. So simple. And I loved it. I topped it with caramel peanut butter, banana, and some dried cherries to make it more filling. Sadly the peanut butter really masked the oaty flavor. =/ Won’t make that mistake again!

I had planned to go swim today but when I looked at the wreck that was my room I knew I could use more time in the house. So instead I biked for 60 minutes then went on a major clean up of my room! It’s just so convenient to bike plus I love to get in an hour of reading…I know I need to get back to the pool though because it’s such a great workout and once I’m doing it I love it.


After working out, as usual, my body was so hungry I grabbed the first thing I saw. >.< One spiced sweet potato blondie with cranberries and white chocolate was consumed. I’m just proud I didn’t dive into the bags of cookies on the table!


Due to my consumption of baked goods I wasn’t terribly hungry when lunch time rolled around. So I kept it light with some Quron Chick’n Nuggets drizzled with Bragg’s Amino Acids and honey plus some steamed broccoli on the side. Yum! I love the sweet and salty!


Around 4:30pm at work (I’m like clockwork), my tummy started to grumble. Luckily I was smart and had grabbed a healthy snack: the very last of my green mango and spicy pistachio mix! Yum. I will miss this.


I was very excited for dinner tonight because my mother had invited me over for Breakfast for Dinner! My favorite! We really made a delicious spread too. Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Pancakes (which were actually quiet tasty!), scrambled eggs with mozzarella and tomatoes, plus an English muffin with jam. Holy yum! A few slices or orange were enjoyed as a final treat.

Man real eggs taste soo much better than Egg Beaters!


After a few hours of helping my mother decorate her house for the holidays I ended up back at home with a mug of hot chocolate and a fried little doughy bread thing from my mum’s friend, Doris. It was unexpectedly not sweet and had little pieces an anise in it. Not my usual cup of tea but hey, it’s good to mix it up every once in awhile!

Now I’m hopping into bed at 9 o’clock to get in some good solid reading time! I’ve really missed reading.


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