Holiday Baking

Oh boy. All I did today was bake! Seriously. No workout no nothing. Just me, my mixer, and a whole bunch of butter, sugar, and flour. I now have 4 out of 5 of the recipes I’d planned done. I saved the best and most tedious for last. My goal is to have all cookies baked and gifted by Solstice (this Thursday)!


I started out with a hearty breakfast of a multigrain English muffin with flaxseed peanut butter and orange marmalade. Plus a banana and peanut butter and a glass of milk. I knew the nut butter would keep me going!


Before the baking started, Ophelia did a little prayer to the baking gods that her mother would not be in the kitchen all day and instead spend time in bed with her. Her prayers went unanswered.


Once I had completed baked good #2 and #3 ( Spiced Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and Pumpkin Molasses Cookies ) I had to do a taste test to make sure I wasn’t giving people bad cookies! I ended up eating 3 of the molasses and one of the oatmeal with a small glass of milk over the course of the day. Yeah..I’m not too proud of it. =/ Most of the time it was just to get rid of the burnt ones too. >.< They didn’t even taste good due to the char.


Eventually around 3pm I decided I better eat some lunch to stop the cookie munching and to get some veggies into me. I decided on a simple wrap with string cheese, mixed greens, and a mixture of a Tofurky sausage, yellow pepper, and marinara sauce. It was tasty enough.


And then after many many struggles (the dough was very difficult to work with plus I dumped almost the entire bottle of peppermint extract on the floor…) cookie #4 was complete! These Colorful Spiral Cookies are pretty to look at but sooo not worth the trouble in my book! I only ended up making one batch of these instead of the planned two. I decided even though I hate these(!) that I would at least give them a try. I ate one and oh my. They are soooo good. Seriously, maybe everyone should just make them once.


Due to my large cookie consumption over the day my dinner was super small. Seriously only 210 kcals at the complete max. I had a Morningstar Farms Corndog and some steamed broccoli while Chase an I watched Predator. (Have I mentioned I’m a big Aliens and Predator fan!)

Now that it’s been a good many hours since all the cookies were consumed, I’m starting to feel pretty damn hungry! I’m thinking I may pop some low fat popcorn and enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate while we watch another movie. =)

Overall I had a productive weekend and look forward to a very filled week!

How is your holiday baking going?


4 thoughts on “Holiday Baking

  1. thanks for trying out my cookies – i will take the 3 cookies consumed as a good indication you enjoyed them 🙂

    hope you don’t beat yourself up too much! just enjoy the holiday season my dear!

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