Sandwich Can

Man am I tired. This week really took it out of me.

This morning I woke up bright and early and went for a morning 57 minute lap swim. Why short? Because on Friday mornings I work at 8:30am instead of 1:30pm! I had work to get to! The swim went well but my body definitely could use some rest.


There was no time for breakfast after swimming so I ate it at my desk. A cup of Fage 0% Greek Yogurt with Cherry Pomegranate and a Cherry Pie Larabar. Both were yummy!

But clearly not enough in the calorie department..I ended up eating 3 small cookies throughout the morning. >.< My stomach was just soo hungry.


For lunch we had a lunch meeting so we ordered Staggering Ox! I got The Rabbit Habit: mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives, pineapple, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, mozzarella, Monterey jack, cheddar, lettuce, and thousand island dressing in a Dill bread(can looking thing! They bake the bread in tin cans.). Boy was it delicious! I was afraid there would be too much cheese like there normally is in vegetarian sandwiches but they went very light with it! I ate the whole thing!

And even had room for 2 unpictured chocolates…>.>


Once I was done with all obligations at 1:30pm, I went around town getting some errands done. While at Target I grabbed a short nonfat caramel brulee latte. Meh. It wasn’t great and I ended up drinking barely half of it. Now my Starbucks card is all used up and I don’t see myself filling it up again anytime soon. I just haven’t been happy with the results!


Oddly enough I’ve been craving rice and runny eggs lately so I kept dinner simple. I used some Bhutanese red rice mixed with white rice mix my dad had made, topped it with the last of my seaweed and egg sprinkle from Japan and added a fried egg on top. Knowing I needed some veggies I also sautéed some broccoli but only ended up eating about half of them. This meal just wasn’t very good. =/


Since my meal was really unsatisfying, Chase lovingly let me eat this delicious crust from his Dijorno pizza. ❤


For dessert I had a small banana with peanut butter while I browsed my new Clean Eating magazine.


Chase and Dru had some together time. Are they not the cutest?

Hope you all had a great Friday! Be prepared for lots of baking photos tomorrow! I have 5, yes, FIVE cookie recipes I’m going to make!


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