Sugarplums and Finals

So sorry this post is a day late! I had some computer issues with Echo (my netbook) last night when I was staying at Chase’s. Around 2am I gave up on them and went to bed! Lucky for you all I don’t have class anymore (YAY!) and don’t work until 1:30!

I have a lot to share from yesterday…cause boy did I eat! O.O I think it was just the release of all that stress mixed with the holiday spirit. =P


I started out on the right foot at least. I woke up bright and early (my final exam was at 8am) and made myself a simple breakfast of Great Harvest Orange Cranberry bread covered in a layer of peanut butter with flax and banana. Plus an ice cold glass of skim milk. ❤ And then I was off to finals at the University of Montana for the very last time.


The campus was dark and cold when I got there but the holiday lights dotting the walkways really made me smile. Unfortunately when I pulled my camera out to take this photo my pencil fell out of my purse unbeknownst to me.  I ended up having to take the exam with the stub of someone’s broken pencil. >.<

So how did the exam go? I feel like it went pretty damn well! There were a lot of questions that were the exact same questions I’d studied from the old exams they had posted online. Some I even knew the answers without even knowing how you get those answers. ~.^ I’m glad I studied the right thing.

Next on my agenda was one hour of lap swimming! Again it felt a little different to be swimming at a different hour of the day but I powered through it and ended very tired. My knees having been acting up and even though swimming is supposed to be easy on them, I could definitely feel. it.


For lunch, I met Chase at the mall and ate my packed salad of mixed greens, raw broccoli, dried cherries, a cut up string cheese, sunflower seeds, and cherry balsamic while he got himself a rice bowl. I also enjoyed a Fage 0% yogurt cup! I purposefully kept my lunch light and veggie centric because….


I knew there were holiday cookies made by my mom’s lovely friend Doris to be had at the office! There were: a figgy dough ball thing (which was my favorite. I had 2), a soft gingerbread cookie, and an eggnog sugar cookie. Yum! I like how Doris makes her cookies small so you can enjoy more than one. I think I’ll try that out this year when I bake mine!


On top of that sugar, I had more sugar! My coworker Sherry had saved me a little cup full of peanut M&M’s that a rep brought in yesterday. I munched on them throughout the day.224

Did you notice a difference from the crappy lunch photo I took with my old phone and the quality of the cookie/candy photos? ‘Cause you should of! After lunch Chase and I went to the AT&T store and got my new phone (my dad’s xmas gift to me)! My first smartphone ever. I went with the Samsung Galaxy SII and while I haven’t got to play with it too much, I’m loving it. Does anyone else have an android? Have any suggestions on apps?

After work my mother and I did our weekly foot detox. We’ve been doing this for a few months now and to be honest I haven’t felt much difference. I mainly do it because I like spending time with my mom. ❤


Plus there’s free dinner! ^,~ In our search for the perfect meal in Missoula we decided to try something a little different. We ended up at Sa-Wad-Dee Thai restaurant with Chase in tow.


My mother had skipped lunch (gasp!) and was starving so we started with a batch of vegetarian spring rolls. To be honest, they were tasty but kind of a surprise to me. When I think of spring rolls I think of steamed rolls with that paper thing wrapping. I never think of them fried!


For my entrée I ordered the Jungle Curry: red curry cooked with squash, bamboo shoots, green beans, zucchini, carrots, and tofu. I got it mild because even though I’ve been working on my heat/spicy tolerance, I’m still a wimp.

Sadly, when it came out it was still so spicy I couldn’t eat it. The waitress took it back and added coconut milk to calm it down, but my mouth was still already scorched I just didn’t care for it much. My mother ended up liking it so I gave it to her and finished off my rice with some of her teriyaki sauce.


Dinner was somewhat rushed because Chase and I had a concert to get to! Each year around xmas time the VSA choir does a performance and Chase’s best friend, Kurt, seems to always  win some sort of scholarship or award so we always attend. He’s in a wheelchair with one mangled hand, but damn can he play the guitar. He really makes me wish I had taken up an instrument…


When we got back to Chase’s place after the concert I was pretty damn hungry. So what did I eat? Why half the bag of caramel corn Kristy (our detox foot lady) kindly made for me! I didn’t even know I liked caramel corn but I went to town on that bag! >.<

So overall a day filled with sweets. I am vowing not to eat a single treat today!

I’ll leave you with these adorable photos I found on my SD card on my phone. Man some of them are old! Sleeping kittens…


Have a great day!


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