Little Photo

Yay! Thanks to Kath’s advice, I now have an awesome app on my new android phone to take cool photos and do neat effects on them! I’m pretty excited to try them all out, so expect to see some random ones!


This morning I had breakfast about an hour later than usual. I was really craving yogurt so again I used two cups of Fage 0% Greek yogurt (Strawberry Goji), ground flax, banana, banana peanut butter, Kashi Golean Crunch, banana, and dried cherries. Yum yum.

I had every intention of sticking to my workout plan and biking this morning but my knee feels like it’s about 40 years older. It even hurts when I walk! It doesn’t make much sense so the only two exercises I do (biking and swimming) are supposed to be easy on the knees!

Anyway, I gave myself the day off to let it rest.


Now due to eating breakfast later and not spending all those calories on a workout, I wasn’t very hungry for lunch. I ended up eating this small piece of veggie pizza with some raw veggies. Not all the veggies were consumed though…


About an hour later I munched on this Granny Smith apple while I worked. Big mistake. Seriously I think I’m giving up apples for awhile. There’s always some sort of bacteria on them even though I scrub them hard that completely kills my stomach. My belly bloats to about the size of a 5month pregnant woman, I get really uncomfortable gas, and the worst cramps ever! Overall it is not worth it. =/


Trying to dull the pain I did end up eating some treats today. Three pieces of chocolate were consumed at the office..


And to stop myself from eating more I dug into one of my healthy snacks of dried green mango and spicy pistachios. Loved them but my cramps were still dreadful.


Around 7pm I had this giant bowl of leftover whole wheat spaghetti with veggies, marinara, and 1/2 Tofurky Italian sausage. It filled me up but even right now my stomach is still in pain.


Sharing this photo because we all need a little Ophie cuteness.


For the rest of the night Chase and I browsed Craig’s list looking at housing in Seattle, WA. We’re planning a trip over there in mid-January to really look! Any readers live in those parts with tips/suggestions?

While we browsed I also munched on some low-fat popcorn. Sorry no picture! My tummy just hurt so bad!

Anyway hope you all have a wonderful Friday! I am excited for my first weekend with no obligations since August! ^_^


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