Under Pressure

Ahh this semester is so close to being over and done with! I’ve been just trying to hang on all day; one more day; one more hour..my studying kept slowly chugging along.

It started with me waking up bright and early around 7:30am. No sir was I going to lose precious hours of studying by sleeping in on my very last study day!


As I stated yesterday, today I really tried to fit veggies in at every meal. Starting with breakfast! I made a 2 egg omelet (with farm fresh eggs! Oh boy did it make a huge flavor difference compared to my normal Egg Beaters) filled with sautéed vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, onions, and red bell peppers. On the side I had a toasted English muffin, one side with butter spray and orange marmalade and the other with a smear of peanut butter and orange marmalade. ^_^ You know I have to get my peanut butter fix in. And, of course, I glass of skim milk to wash it all down.

At 11am I was at the Grizzly Pool and getting in my one hour lap swim. It felt so different to be swimming at such a late hour. I felt stronger and really powered through my workout. Towards the end though I had a lot of phlegm in my throat issues and overall worn down feeling. Hope I’m not getting sick!


After swimming I was famished so while I got situated in the UC to get in some good hours of studying I started lunch with a 1/2 cup of peanut butter filled pretzels. These only held me over for about a half hour though…


So I grabbed my real lunch: 1/2 of my Ruby T from yesterday, and more raw veggies. I finished the sandwich and at least half of the veggies.


An hour or so later I felt like I really needed a sugar boost. I felt seriously worn out and run down! I found this Monster Cookie in the The Market and enjoyed every bite. It had everything from chocolate chunks to peanut butter! It was pretty decent but I’ve had better. ~.^


Once I got home from my speech final around 4:30pm (no there was no real final just finishing up the speeches that didn’t get to present last week), I was hungry but not ready for dinner. So I grabbed my favorite snack: banana and peanut butter! My bananas are just perfect right now. I hate when they get too ripe. I love them firm and only slightly sweet.

I enjoyed this while finishing(!) my book A Storm of Swords. Yay! I wont’ let myself open the next one in the series, A Feast of Crows, until after my test tomorrow though.


Figuring out dinner was pretty darn hard. A lot of the things I felt like had absolutely no veggies in them and I was determined to stick to my vow. So I ended up grabbing a frozen pizza out of the fridge.

I received a coupon for a free Rising Moon Organics Grilled Veggie Pizza through the Stonyfield’s Rewards Program. (sadly it’s being discontinued on Dec 31st =( ) I was very excited to try this since I love pizza and love having my vegetables right on it! Normally this tiny pizza costs about $9 so I never would have bought it otherwise.

I had two slices (1/2 pizza) with a salad of mixed greens, sunflower seeds, dried cherries, and cherry balsamic vinegar.  I also had a small glass of red wine that went unpicutred. It really helped my headache1 To be honest, this pizza was nothing special. I didn’t find it that tasty and would never purchase this with my own money. =/


After dinner, Vinni helped me study some more. Today we went over: DNA repair and recombination, transcription, RNA processing, genetic code, translation, and bacterial and eukaryotic translational regulation. BLEH! this is definitely the hardest part since I haven’t been tested on it yet. I probably shouldn’t have saved it for last.


Of course I am not immune to the stress that is finals week. I have been craving chocolate and just all together not smart choice foods all week. I allowed myself my two advent chocolates (to catch up)..


…and a mug of hot chocolate instead of opening up a chocolate bar I’ve been saving. Success? Sure why not right.

Back to the books!


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