Quality Control

Don’t you just hate waking up from a dream you were really interested in? That’s how I felt this morning! I was having this really strange dream where my pre-school teacher was a witch! It was very bizarre.

I got up anyway though and hit the pool! 60 minutes of lap swimming later and I was very much ready for breakfast. It was a good swim. My legs are definitely getting their strength back. I know that because man are they sore! ~.^


I loved how gorgeous it was this morning when I left the pool. The day was so light! It’s been really gloomy lately so this was a nice surprise. Still frigid..but at least I could see where I was walking better!


Sorry for repeat breakfast but this week is just about making due with what’s already made. Pumpkin oatmeal with craisins, caramel peanut butter, and a few peanuts for crunch. Sadly this mix is still really lacking I flavor. I should never skimp on the pumpkin pie spice again!


After lecture today I ended up at Hastings since I was having lunch with Chase later. Hastings used to felt homey and welcoming. But since they tossed me out on Monday I feel like a stranger. =( I ordered a hot chocolate with skim milk (since my stomach didn’t feel like it could handle coffee) because I was afraid they would throw me out again if I didn’t get anything!


For lunch Chase and I ended up back at my favorite burrito shop. This time I really didn’t feel like fish so I tried their Veggie Burrito: Black beans, rice, guacamole, salsa, and cabbage. Not going to lie, I should have just gone with the Fish Burrito minus the fish! I really don’t like rice in a burrito. I really don’t think its necessary to add more carbs to your huge tortilla!

I ended up only eating 2/3 of this baby since Chase had to rush back to work. It was actually really good for me to not finish it. I felt satisfied but not stuffed! I should always let him finish and then pull me away from the table!


I broke into my afternoon snack an hour early today and man was it tasty. I’m really digging the spicy pistachio mix with sweetened green mango!


My mother and I had our weekly foot bath detox followed by dinner. Tonight we went to The Blue Canyon which I have enjoyed time and time again for their cedar plank root beer glazed salmon. It has a great cabin atmosphere and we were lucky to sit near the fire.


We started by splitting an excellent mixed greens salads. It had: dried cherries, spiced walnuts, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and a maple balsamic vinaigrette on the side.


I also enjoyed three tiny slices of bread. It was really good and warm and I’m glad I ate it because…


My entrée was terrible! I have never had such bad salmon in my life! It was undercooked, very tiny, hardly had any “root beer glaze”, had gross skin on it (which was never on it before), and just tasted terribly fishy. My mother’s even had bones in it!

We were so disappointed with this dish that I used to call my favorite salmon in all of Missoula that the waiter at least compensated us one. Really they both should have been comped but we were glad they at least took off one.


Both very unsatisfied we decided to split a dessert. We got this adorable Banana Cream Pie and I thought it was delicious! Sandy didn’t think so but I think I like the subtle more than she does. Hence her liking chocolate cake and me loathing it. =P

Overall, we will not be going back to The Blue Canyon. Very poor quality control. I don’t know why when my mother and I go out either one or both of us ends up having a very sub-par meal! Is it us? Surprised smile


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