Winter Allergies?

This morning I bounced right out of bed at 8am, ready for the day!


I started with a hearty breakfast of Nature’s Path Optimum Slim and PB Granola topped with ground flax, banana, dried cherries, and a sprinkle of peanuts. It was super yummy and held me over very well.

After eating and ready for a few hours however, my systems seemed to crash and I crawled back into bed in a drowsy tired state. No clue what brought this on. Ever since being stung by that dying yellow jacket I have had allergy symptoms that I usually only get in the in summer. This is what that felt like today.

I ended up sleeping for another 2 hours before I was able to pull my mind from it’s comatose state and force myself to shower to wake myself up.


I couldn’t figure out what I should have lunch so I started with what I knew I wanted. Slice of Cranberry Orange bread, smear of caramel peanut butter, and a glass of ice cold skim milk.


About an hour later I was feeling like shit and decided some more “real” food may help. I had half a can of Wolfgang Puck’s Tomato soup with Basil with some rice mixed in. Great thing about my dad’s house: there is always rice made. It was tasty and gave me enough energy to at least attempt to study some biology.


While I studied about RNA’s translation into protein though, my headache that had been slightly there since waking appeared at full force. I tried to silence it with my advent calendar chocolate from yesterday.


Listening to my body, I grabbed a baggie full of protein: Treasure Trove Trail Mix and munched on it while I read. This did the trick and my headache and weak feeling went away and hasn’t been seen since! Yay protein!

I was hoping to buy a tree and decorate it today and while I did succeed on the buying part, the tree is hanging out outside. Chase and I cannot find the tree stand anywhere!


So instead of dressing the tree we dressed the kittens! Vincent is dressed in his brand new holiday sweater and he actually really likes it! Honestly, I think he was jealous last year when Ophie got one.


Ophelia is a bit shyer than her brother, but still looks adorable in her holiday colors! I promise to get a photo of them being so damn cute together before the season is up!

Chase and I had plans to go see Friends With Benefits at the UC this evening but to save money we ended up just renting it instead! It was pretty cute and I laughed a lot.


To go along with our movie viewing we got pizza from Zimarino’s tonight! To get their cheap deal, I got just a plain pizza with roasted red peppers. It was super good! I loved their red sauce (which is rare for me) and actually enjoyed the crust! Normally I’m a thin crust person but this one was nice and doughy but not too doughy. Yes I know I’m picky! I ended up eating three slices with some leftover veggies. A bit too much, but it was so good.


And because I was really wanting some wine I had a little glass of this malbec I ninjaed from my dad. ❤ wine

Well, hopefully there will be some beautiful and festive pictures of my tree tomorrow! I’ve been doing some research on traditional holiday foods since I’m trying to come up with a tradition of my own and so far all I’ve decided on is that there will be hot spiced wine!

Here’s to better eating tomorrow!


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