Wine Please

Bleh. I went to bed way late last night due to the movie, The Dark Knight, being super long! Due to the lack of sleep, I skipped swimming for another hour of rest. I only did it because I knew I had time tonight to bike instead!


When I did get up and start my day I knew I had to take advantage of eating breakfast at home, so I bypassed my premade oatmeal and had a bowl of yogurt! Only 1/2 cup this time since it was the last but I made up for the missing yogurt with a ton of toppings! Ground flax, lemon curd, caramel PB, Nature’s Path PB granola, banana, and dried cherries! Yum yum.

That beautiful bowl of oats held me nicely over until lunch at 1pm.


Lunch was nice and light and surprisingly satisfying. I had a slice of Quorn on an English muffin with cranberry-pear sauce, Dijon mustard, and romaine lettuce. Plus 1/2 an apple and a string cheese.


This didn’t hold me over for the full length of work though so I did end up munching on some of the Cinnamon & Sugar Almonds I brought to the office yesterday. I did not go overboard though!


In fact, I’d say I had just enough to get me home to heat up some dinner! Slice of Quorn, last of the roasted Brussels sprouts w/chestnuts, cherry millet, and 1/2 the sweet potatoes pictures. I just really didn’t’ need them! This was enjoyed with a small glass of my favorite red wine: Castle Rock Syrah.

You know when you just have one of those days where you feel like you need a glass of wine as soon as you get home? Yes, this was one of those.

As soon as I felt like my food had digested enough (and my episode of Iron Chef America ended!) I put on my workout clothes and jumped on my bike! I did 61 minutes/ 16.5 miles without even noticing! I was so surprised when I looked down from my book and saw the time! 


After showering, I worked on homework and filled out job applications (need another part time job..) I snacked on some low-fat popcorn and a mug of hot cocoa. ❤ It’s supposed to snow 2 inches tomorrow and I just might cry!

Tomorrow is kind of a big day for me. I’m getting a haircut (gasp) and it’s the last day in my life that I will have blue eyes! O.O That’s right folks I have to wear my glasses for a whole month because I am getting laser eye surgery in January! So if I post some pictures of some strange looking Asian girl in glasses…it’s just me. -_-

Do you were contacts/glasses?


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