Thanksgiving 2011

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! Mine started off with waking up around 8 am..


Eating a quick and yummy breakfast…(Multigrain English muffin with PB and J, and a glass of skim milk)


And heading out into the cold weather for the annual 3k Turkey Walk! (yes the gloves said 8k but oh well) My mom, Chase, and I all attended and had a great time walking and talking and just enjoying the fresh air.


We walked along the Kim Williams Trail which runs right along the river that goes straight through Downtown Missoula. It was cold, but we have had some pleasantly warm temperatures (almost up to 60 degrees!) the last few days so at least all the snow had melted! There was an 8k run we could have done instead but I’m glad we chose just to walk. My toe has really been feeling it lately.


When we got back home near 11am my tummy was still a little hungry so I grabbed a bag of Treasure Trove Trail mix and made Chase some oatmeal (since he hadn’t had breakfast!).


While we went through all the Black Friday ads we drank hot cocoa with nutmeg. I can honestly say nutmeg is my favorite spice! Sadly the ads weren’t very good this year and my friend Jessi who I was going to go with didn’t like how they started at midnight, so we decided to sit out this year.


Around 1pm I couldn’t hold off eating any longer so I heated up some cherry vinegar/mustard millet and some veggies and devoured them. They made me feel soo much better and gave me the energy to prepare my dishes for the evening.


One of with was pear pie! Took a picture of this because everyone started laughing at me as I tried to cram all the pears that the recipe called for into one pie crust. =P Needless to say I decided just to make two pies.


While we cooked we drank some of my all time favorite wine: Castle Rock Sirah. I had about two glasses over the course of the evening.


Then my mother arrived and played bar tender while we munched on raw veggies with various dips and salted mixed nuts. She made me a gin and tonic which I ended up giving to my dad since it was made with diet tonic water and the aspartame really makes me sick. That’s okay though, I just had more wine!


Dinner was delicious! I tried a little bit of everything and honestly it was just too much food. We had: citrus glazed asparagus, roasted Brussels sprouts with chestnuts, croissant rolls, garlic mashed potatoes, soufflés sweet potatoes with rosemary and garlic, and (for me) Quorn Roast with cranberry-pear sauce.

Yum. I am now excited for lunch today. ~.^


A few hours later we had dessert! Pear pie with vanilla ice cream. Honestly, I wouldn’t make this pie again. =/ I blame their entirely on the ground ginger in the recipe. I don’t know why but lately the distinct smell of ginger has been making me extremely nauseous and it s just to prominent in this pie.

Let me know if you want any of the recipes and I will write a post with them!

What is your favorite thing you ate yesterday?

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