Well I got a wonderful amount of sleep last night! When my alarm went off this morning I was out of bed (well after a quick bounce by Vinni) and off to my last day at the pool for the week! I did a one hour lap swim, but can honestly say I wasn’t too thrilled about my performance. My toe is really acting up and making it so I can’t kick very hard and therefore I feel slow and sluggish.


Even with my less than stellar workout, my tummy was growling! Today I had Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, ground flax, and dried blueberries in a mostly done peanut butter jar! It was delicious and I didn’t even miss the extra carbs from the grain I usually add.


It did leave me feeling like I wanted more sweet though. I decided to get a 8 oz mocha because I really felt like one! I even paid more for less at a coffee place I don’t normally frequent. However this didn’t end happily. I got to my car, took a sip, and found that they had left out the MOCHA part of the mocha. It was pretty much just a non-fat non-flavored latte. =/ I managed to drink about half of it before I tossed it. It just wasn’t what I wanted.


Lunch today though was exactly what I wanted! Chase and I ended up going to Taco Del Sol since I had a longer lunch break than usual (reason to follow). I normally never ever get burritos because I am blown away by the amount of calories in the giant tortillas but today I was super hungry and a hardy burrito sounded like just the ticket.

I ended up getting a 12 inch Fish Burrito: baked Alaskan cod, black beans, shredded cabbage, white sauce, and medium salsa. It was sooo good! I loved the cabbage most of all. I would seriously get this again even though the fish is definitely different from the salmon I’m used to.

Now for the reason my lunch was longer: I found out today that my pinky toe on my right foot has been broken for the last three months! No wonder it was bothering me so much! What the emergency room decided was a sprain was actually a fracture. Now I have it taped up and will continue to tape it and hopefully it’ll mend.


Once back at work I munched on a baggie of trail mix later in the day.


For dinner around 6pm I has some leftover millet I needed to get excited about. Seriously, the plain way I had it the other day really didn’t make me want to eat it again. So I took the sauce from Daily Granish’s Butternut Squash and Cranberry Maple Millet recipe, halved it, subbed in cherry balsamic and dried cherries, and now it is simply wonderful! I then steamed some Brussels sprouts and a Quorn Naked Cutlet and had a delicious meal!


For dessert I was really craving some milk (that I just bought tonight!) so I had a slice of Pumpkin Swirl bread (yes my dad needs to stop buying this! I am getting tired of it!) with a mug full of skim milk. ❤

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already tomorrow! I have a lot of dishes to get done and a 3k Turkey Walk to do and then it will be time to eat!!

What form of exercise do you have planned tomorrow?


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